Here is a sample of the professional learning opportunities that Prizmah consultants can offer teachers of any subject:

  • Classroom Culture by Design
  • Professional Learning Community Design and Implementation
  • Teacher Coaching
  • Understanding Your Learners 
  • Design and Build Student-Focused Lessons and Units
  • Risk, Experimentation, and Setbacks: How to Build a Culture of Growth
  • Feedback, Praise, and Rewards: Building Motivation and Persistence 
  • Differentiated Instruction: Meeting the Needs of More of Your Learners More of the Time
  • Taking it Public: Documenting Learning 
  • Re-Energizing Your Professional Culture
  • Technology Integration
  • Certificate in Spiritual Guidance
  • Onboarding New Teachers
  • Responsive Classroom in the Jewish Day School
  • Effective Communication
  • Choose your Own Adventure: Not seeing what you hoped for on our list? Drop us a line and we will design a service that meets your needs and goals.

*Customized PD for Judaic Studies Faculty: Your Judaic Studies faculty has unique challenges and opportunities. We plan to meet their needs when we work with a full faculty and are also happy to customize our offerings for your school’s Jewish community and Judaic Studies teaching faculty. 

"How fortunate we were to have you, an outstanding educator, present to our educators. YOU WERE FABULOUS!! Given the constraints of our time you gave them so much. I, personally, loved the comment of one of our seasoned Education Directors...
'Oh, I wish I was back in the classroom!' 
You motivated the teachers to not just 
'think out of the box' but to 'jump quickly out of the box.'"
- Ms. Marilyn Nachman,
Director, School Educational Services
Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County



All our offerings are geared to teachers and teaching teams working in Jewish day schools. Any offering can be tailored to a division or team or be a one-on-one coaching opportunity. No matter the subject or content, the Prizmah consultant will utilize examples, ideas, and techniques relevant to the needs of the teacher and his/her students.

"Yesterday’s workshop, in my opinion, totally hit it out of the park!  You 'opened’ our eyes to truly incorporating a totally new 'mindset’ of language, teaching, and attitude to everyone! Your presentation, intermingled with stories about your children and you, resonant with everyone. It was exceptional. Thank you."
- Mrs. Marilyn Roth
Director of General Studies
Politz Day School of Cherry Hill


We know that the teachers in your school can and want to learn. We believe lifelong learning should be an enriching, engaging, and fun component of any school community. Research shows that next to parents, teachers are the most important adults influencing student development and success. Investing in professional development is an investment in the success of your students, the growth of your community, and the values of your school.


Allowing for teacher input and choice maximizes the benefits of professional development. We recommend identifying areas of need and learning-readiness with your faculty to ensure buy-in and participation.

Once you have identified the area for growth, reach out to Melanie Eisen, Interim Director of Teaching and Learning to develop a PD plan that will work for you.