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We all know the old saw about the newspaper with the motto “all the news that fits we print,” and today I found out how true to life this adage can be. Deferring to our many talented contributors to this issue of HaYidion, my column has been relegated to the back page – and to 300 words or less. But as the head of any dynamic organization knows, it is nearly impossible to say all that must be said about our many challenges and many successes. Thus, in brief, allow me to mention one major success story in the making, and one challenge which I know we can meet with your help:

This past month, RAVSAK launched a new strategic planning process in service of our next 3-5 years of visionary work. Under the capable leadership of Dr. Ray Levi, and with guidance from RAVSAK schools, Executive Committee members, and representatives from some of the most important Jewish educational and philanthropic organizations, we are developing a plan that will both improve existing programs and broaden the scope of our mission. We will present this plan – in draft form- for your critical review at the 2006 Leadership Conference.

RAVSAK has also begun its inaugural annual campaign. This important foray into development is an essential step toward ensuring our short and long term viability. With your help, we have substantively reduced our dependency on school dues (which represent only 17% of our total income this year); of course, by keeping dues in check, we must turn to our friends, our supporters, and our constituents for support. I do hope that each of you will consider a tax-deductible gift to RAVSAK.

And at 277 words, I wish you a Chanukah of warmth, light, and happiness.

PS: There is so much more to say – We’ll catch up in January in Ft. Lauderdale!

Dr. Marc N. Kramer is the Executive Director of RAVSAK. He can be reached at mkramer@ravsak.org.

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