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1. I have experience in the following THREE areas and would be happy to share what I’ve learned with other school leaders. *
2. I am looking for people with experience in the following THREE areas so that I can learn more and/or connect them to leaders in my school. *
Your responses to the remaining questions will only be used by Prizmah staff.
3. Over the course of each year, Prizmah hosts dozens of webinars open to the professional and lay leadership of our member schools. I’d like to see Prizmah host a webinar on any of these topics: *
4. Over the course of the year, Prizmah hosts dozens of virtual roundtables and working groups focused on leaders solving specific challenges and sharing experiences with one another. I’ve got a question/challenge that I’m working through about _______________________ and would like the input of other leaders in the field.
5. My school is excellent at...
6. By joining this group, I’m hoping to... *
7. Please reach out to me if you’re ever looking for someone to

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