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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

The key to a school's success is the articulation of a strong mission and vision statement and an administration and board that stick to these ideals. Mission and vision differentiate a school from its peers and proclaims the unique value proposition that the school offers. Reconsider the purpose and mission of Jewish day school education from a variety of perspectives. Then, gain advice for composing a mission statement and discover the range of uses that such a statement can serve.

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Keeping the Mission and Vision Current

by Matt Heilicher Sep 03, 2014

Now two full years into a five-year business plan, the lay and professional leadership of RAVSAK have realized that evaluation and reflection on progress to date is critical to keeping the mission and vision of the organization current. We note with pride many accomplishments and have learned much about timing, the slow nature of change, and the inherent challenges navigating through a very dynamic time for the field. Our conversations, both generative and strategic, have helped us see that organizational growth and environmental change require review of the mission statement and organizational vision on a regular basis, something we very much suggest our member schools engage in as well.

From the Editor

by Barbara Davis Sep 03, 2014

A man came up to me at a party recently and said, “Well, there are at least two families in this community who want their tuition back from the day school.” Taken aback, I asked, “Why?” “Their sons married non-Jewish girls,” he replied and walked away.

Dear Cooki

by Cooki Levy Sep 03, 2014

My board chair, supported by a small but very vocal group of parents, is insisting that the school reduce the number of hours per week that Jewish Studies are taught in order to allow more time for secular academic electives, fine art, and physical education. This flies in the face of the school’s mission, which espouses commitment to serious study of Jewish texts, Jewish practice and Jewish history and a balanced curriculum of general and Jewish studies.

Pluralism, Ethos, Creativity and Israel

by Shaul Magid Sep 03, 2014

Lehmann’s essay “Beyond Continuity, Identity, and Literacy” offers a rich, textured, and starkly honest appraisal of the state of Jewish education in America as we move more deeply into the twenty-first century. The essay correctly assumes that the “day school,” largely a postwar American Jewish phenomenon, has now become a mainstay of American Jewish education but has not kept up with the changing fabric of American Jewry or American society.

Building Community Using Mission Statements

by Menachem Hecht and Pinchos Hecht Sep 03, 2014

Beneath the surface, mission statements often give voice to competing values that exist within the school community. The authors describe two main strategies for school leaders to preserve productive relations among the school’s diverse elements.

The Pluralistic Mission in Everyday Practice

by Eliana Lipsky Sep 03, 2014
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Often one of the pillars of community day school mission statements, pluralism is an elusive value that can be hard to translate into practice. Lipsky presents ideas for schools take pluralism from the mission statement into the classroom.

Giving Our Missions a Why: A Cognitive Approach

by Jeffrey Schrager Sep 03, 2014
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In this concluding section, articles explore ways that a school’s mission can serve to catalyze the people and community of a day school. Schrager asks us to consider whether the school’s mission engages stakeholders’ needs for purpose and meaning.

Partnering with Parents: It’s All About Mission

by Alli Debrow Sep 03, 2014
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Debrow illuminates the some of the ways that a school’s mission guides the relationship between parents and the school, starting with the recruitment process and continuing throughout the years that their children attend the school.

Betzelem Elohim: From Mission Statement to Disciplinary Policy

by Mark H. Shpall Sep 03, 2014

Shpall argues that a school’s discipline policy provides a platform for putting its mission statement into practice, thus connecting both student and administrator to the school’s values.

Leadership Lessons from the Rebbe

by Interview with Joseph Telushkin Sep 03, 2014

Author of the recently released biography Rebbe: The Life and Teachings of Menachem M. Schneerson, the Most Influential Rabbi in Modern History, Telushkin draws lessons that day school leaders can learn from the Rebbe.