Our new tiered annual membership program is designed to meet the needs of schools across North America. Click through each benefit category for more details. New and renewal membership applications will be available in mid-June. Contact our membership team at membership@prizmah.org with any questions. 







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Reshet Prizmah, the online network for Jewish Day Schools
Member preferred pricing on in person events  
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Member-only Resources and templates
Data collection platform and individual school and field report  
Prizmah consulting engagements, programs, and services* No discount 5% discount 10% discount
Discounts from Prizmah partner organizations  
HaYidion Subscriptions (plus a discount on additional subscriptions) 4 6 10
HaYidion-Access to Archives
Prizmah conference and gatherings No discount 5% discount 10% discount
Prizmah logo for use on school materials and website
School and Member Directories
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* Discounts on Prizmah consulting engagements, programs, and services vary. The total annual value of a school’s discounts cannot exceed $1,000 for Full members or $4,000 for Premium members. Please email membership@prizmah.org for more details.

Interested in joining Prizmah? Now Accepting 2017-2018 Membership Applications.  

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Contact: Robin Feldman, 646-975-2803, with any questions.

Peer Communities (Reshet Groups)

Active networks are a centerpiece of Prizmah’s member benefits. Prizmah’s Reshet program (“Reshet” is Hebrew for network) provides facilitated online forums where professional and lay members can conveniently engage in robust peer-to-peer dialogue, collaboration, information-sharing, practice, and problem-solving.

Prizmah’s 20 Reshet groups are structured around key areas of interest:

  • networks organized by school type and/or professional or lay role (e.g., small schools, heads of schools, lay leader, fundraising staff, etc.)
  • affinity groups that provide conversation, resources, and support around shared ideology or identity (e.g., PARDES, RAVSAK, Schechter, and Yeshiva day schools)
  • networks that explore topics of importance to various segments of the day school community (e.g., innovation, small schools)
  • networks organized around programmatic areas (e.g., the Governance and Fundraising Academy)

Based on each Reshet group’s interests and needs, activities may include:

  • working groups tackling the most urgent issues confronting day school leaders
  • webinars, roundtables, and professional development training
  • online resource-sharing, including templates for school documents, policies, and curricula
  • inter-school collaborations
  • administrative and logistical support for self-organizing small-group conversations and collaborative initiatives
  • peer assist groups
  • book clubs
  • online and in-person conversations
  • regional gatherings and mini-conferences focused on topics of interest

Reshet members forge meaningful, ongoing connections across geographically diverse regions, with the support of a group facilitator with expertise in that group’s area of focus.

Prizmah’s Reshet groups bring access to the wisdom, expertise, and support of thousands of school leaders—energizing virtual spaces in which to explore challenges, develop new skills, create solutions together, and celebrate success.

Member-only Resources and Templates

As a member of Prizmah, you won’t have to reinvent the wheel each time your school looks to change a policy or practice. You will have access to a resource bank of templates and policies shared by Prizmah and by member schools across North America. 

Data collection platform and individual school and field reports. 

As Prizmah members, schools will have access to a nationally recognized data collection platform and the ability to benchmark themselves against other Prizmah schools. More details coming soon.

Prizmah consulting engagements, programs, and services. 

Prizmah offers dozens of programs and services with proven track records of success. Our portfolio is designed to address the key issues facing Jewish day schools today—and to meet the distinctive needs of every school, regardless of size, location, ideology, or other points-of-distinction. Prizmah member schools will be able to access preferred pricing on our portfolio of programs and services. 

Discounts from Prizmah partner organizations

Details coming soon. 


Prizmah members receive free print subscriptions to HaYidion, our quarterly magazine for and about the Jewish day school community. This keystone publication for the day school world has undergone a “refresh,” with many new features, including:

  • “Innovation Alley,” a column that spotlights a radically innovative school and reflects on lessons for the wider field;
  • “Commentary,” featuring diverse responses by day school leaders to a notable quotation related to the issue’s theme, inspired by the Jewish textual tradition;
  • “The Advice Booth,” in which a Prizmah staffer answers salient questions regarding day school practice; and
  • book reviews and recommended reading.

HaYidion- Access to Archive

Members also have exclusive access to the HaYidion archives with more than a decade’s worth of thought-provoking articles and information available online. 

Prizmah conferences and gatherings

Prizmah members (Full/Premimum) will receive discounts on selected conferences and other programming to be announced.

Use of the Prizmah Logo on School Website and Materials

Prizmah members can proudly display their membership in our powerful global day school network by adding the Prizmah logo to their website and other materials.

Displaying Prizmah’s logo shows your stakeholders that your school is tapping into the best available services, programs, and resources to optimize its academic, institutional, and fiscal performance.

Prizmah Member Directory

Prizmah’s fully searchable online directory will give our lay and professional members the ability to locate and connect with colleagues at other Prizmah member schools across North America and beyond.

Prizmah Online Day School Directory

Prizmah’s website will host a secure online searchable directory of Jewish day schools across North America. Prizmah member schools will receive special recognition in the directory.

School Advocates and Affinity group participation

Prizmah members receive personalized customer service, advice, and support through one-to-one contact with one of Prizmah’s School Advocates. Our School Advocates are skilled day school professionals and lay leaders with expertise in different ideologies, school types, and issue areas. School Advocates also facilitate Prizmah’s affinity groups, ensuring that within each school’s ideology or identity—PARDES, RAVSAK, Schechter, or Yeshiva Day School—affinity group members can access relevant guidance and resources.


Interested in joining Prizmah?
Now Accepting 2017-2018 Membership Applications.  
Click here to apply!
Robin Feldman, 646-975-2803, with any questions.