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Marketing Across the Spectrum

Marketing Across the Spectrum

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From the Desk of Bathea James, RAVSAK President

by Bathea James Dec 08, 2006


I hope that this fall has been most successful and that the children are enjoying their immersion in the best education available.

In our last issue, we covered the pivotal head-board alliance and role of the board of trustees. In this edition of HaYidion, we deal with another crucial aspect that directly affects the success of a school: the school’s ability to market itself effectively.

In looking at marketing in Jewish day schools certain realities need to be accounted for. These include:

A Word from the Editor

by Dr. Barbara Davis Dec 08, 2006

This issue of HaYidion was being prepared by the RAVSAK staff as most of us were getting ready to dip apples into honey. It reaches you about the time that your apples are being turned into applesauce to accompany your latkes. As a Chanukah gift, this issue will prove to be of immense value.

Marketing Community Day Schools to Conservative Jews

by Rabbi Steven M. Brown, EdD Dec 08, 2006

I wish I could recommend a magic marketing bullet to attract Conservative Jewish families in a community day school catchment area, but, alas, I cannot.

Marketing the Jewish Community High School

by Dr. Rennie Wrubel Dec 08, 2006

Whether we have been trained in public relations or not, marketing has become a serious consideration for the Jewish Community High School. East coast or west, city or suburbs, "selling" the Jewish educational experience when families have the alternatives of public, magnet and private schools makes this a challenge to all of us committed to the mission of Jewish education.

Quality Early Childhood Education: The Ultimate in Pre-School Marketing

by Cantor Mark Horowitz Dec 08, 2006

What tools do you need to market a Jewish preschool to families of pre-school aged children? The answer is quite simple: offer families the best Jewish educational experience possible for their children. All parents want nothing but the best for their children and what is better than an excellent model of early childhood education that inspires children to see consistently through a Jewish lens?

Internal Marketing to Board Members: How Empowered Lay Leaders Can Make a Difference

by Debbie Gober Dec 08, 2006
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The David Posnack Hebrew Day School (DPHDS) is a kindergarten through twelfth grade institution that consists of three campuses, two elementary campuses and one upper school campus comprised of a middle school and a high school. Although the DPHDS has been in existence for over thirty years, the high school only started in 1998. Because of the competitive religious and secular private schools in the area, the DPHDS has to offer something unique and special to its students. As with most Hebrew day schools, the DPHDS has a strict dual curriculum which has been instrumental in helping our students develop great time management and study skills. In fact, returning alumni have said that the dual curriculum has benefited their college career.