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Lee Shulman on Assessment in Jewish Day Schools

by Lee Shulman Issue: Taking Measure

"Jewish education is a field where so much more applied research and evaluation should be done--not in the spirit of 'gotcha,' but of a dancer looking in the mirror and learning what see when we look there." With these words, Lee Shulman challenges day schools to construct evaluations that tell the kinds of stories that support and develop their missions and visions. This video supplements Shulman's article in the issue and addresses issues specific to Jewish day schools.

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From the Editor: What Counts

We measure distance, we assess learning, and we evaluate results in terms of some set of criteria. Bob......

Taking Measure

Assessment is a critical function at all levels of day schools. From the classroom to the boardroom, the faculty to the head, every stakeholder and every aspect of school operations stand to benefit from evaluation. Nonetheless, thinking about assessment, and the vehicles for achieving it, are changing in many ways parallel to other aspects of school design. This issue offers reflections about assessment, various and novel ways of achieving it, and discussion of outcomes that can result from successful measurement.

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