At Prizmah, we are working to create the space for promising ideas to shine that can enhance student learning and experience. This summer, we are delighted to launch a new initiative - Learning Hubs - to grow and support you and your teaching teams. The goal of these hubs is to highlight the work in our schools and support them in sharing their expertise and practice with the rest of the field. We hope you will consider sending a small team to one or more of these hubs to ensure implementation of ideas and strategies that have been tested and successful in the host schools. After each hub, we will be running online meet-ups for each group to continue the conversation, collaboration, and growth.

Positive Discipline

Thursday, August 1, 2019
9:30am - 4pm
Yeshivat Netivot Montessori, 511 Ryders Lane, East Brunswick, NJ 08816

How can we address unexpected behaviors and wrongdoings and implement consequences in a way that actually facilitates the growth and development of the child? How can we maintain and feed our relationships with our children while simultaneously disciplining them? Is it possible to manage a classroom with adequate authority while not being a controlling authoritarian?

Our Positive Discipline Learning Hub will be an opportunity to learn and implement the techniques of positive discipline. Through role-playing, virtual learning, and practical exercises you will have the opportunity to experiment with and internalize a model of discipline that empowers children without entitling them, generates authority without authoritarianism, and builds the spirit instead of breaking it.

Network Price: $128 per person
Non-Network Price: $160 per person

Prizmah Contact: Yael Steiner, Prizmah's Manager of Educational Innovation,

School Culture:
Practical tools for the Educational Leader

Sunday, August 4, 2019
8:30am - 4pm
Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools, 254 W 54th St, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10019

What does your culture say about your school? And what can you do about it anyway? Heads of School, Principals, Teacher Leaders and Teachers who are new to the profession- this day is for you! Tips, suggestions and techniques to build the culture you want in your classroom, among your faculty, with your supervisors and more!

Learn from expert educational leaders about four aspects of school culture, and gain insight and tools to strengthen the culture at your school. In this one-day, four-part workshop on school culture, you will explore:

  • How to build and support a school culture that helps you and your team thrive.
  • How to create and sustain an engaging and inspiring culture in the classroom.
  • How to work with the head of school in creating the culture of your school.
  • How to run successful faculty (and student) meetings to create a positive school culture.

Participants in this Hub will have the opportunity to continue learning together throughout the year as part of a peer-to-peer cohort focused on strengthening school culture.

Network Price: $128 per person
Non-Network Price: $160 per person

Prizmah Contact: Rachel Levitt Klein Dratch, Prizmah's Associate Director of Educational Innovation,

Mrs. Raizie Chechik (Manhattan Day School)
Mrs Jenny Horowitz (SAR)
Mrs Debbie Finkelstein (Kushner)
Mrs Rachel Levitt Klein Dratch (Prizmah)


Follow Up

Each of the Learning Hubs will be followed with online meet-ups in order to check in, share, and continue the conversation. These conversations will be organized and led by Prizmah staff in conjunction with the Learning Hub faculty.