Leadership Coaching – Transformational Support

Whatever your position and needs, Prizmah’s individualized coaching and proven methodology help you navigate the complex, challenging, sometimes lonely world of day school leadership. Our coaches help leaders access knowledge, find high quality resources, work through key decisions, reflect on challenges and successes, and, most importantly, feel understood in an objective and non-judgmental space.

Who It Is For

Leadership Coaching is for people in a variety of roles and career stages.

  • Coaching for school leaders can be ongoing through an entire school year.
  • Coaching for individuals transitioning to a new role in their school can be over a three-month period, designed for high impact.
  • Coaching for Board Chairs and Heads of School to foster this critical relationship that significantly influences the school and community, using proven tools and supports to ensure the Board Chair and Head of School are equipped, as partners, to tackle whatever challenges they face.

We also offer professional development for senior school leaders so they can coach colleagues internally.


Our Leadership Coaching takes on many forms—from bi-weekly coaching during the school year (10 months), to weekly year-round coaching, and more. Most of our coaches and clients meet over the phone or on a video call; on site coaching visits are also an option.

A fruitful coaching relationship is premised on good chemistry between a leader and coach. Critically, you select the coach from Prizmah’s cadre of coaches who best suits your needs and learning style. You hold the wisdom and set the agenda.

We support you as much as you’d like through your coach selection process. Our diverse team of coaches helps us help you to find the right coaching match, with your experience, personality, desired outcomes, and more in mind.


Prizmah coaches know that no two schools or roles are alike. Coaches have no agenda or curriculum to follow. You drive the agenda. Our coaches use their experiences and expertise—bringing to bear their comprehensive and nuanced understanding of what creates successful schools—to help you succeed as a leader. Grounded in a deep belief in the capacity and wisdom of individual leaders, our coaches ask powerful questions and emphasize self-reflection to support your growth.

Prizmah coaches help school leaders address challenges, identify opportunities for growth, and elevate their schools:

At the beginning [coaching] helped me navigate the many challenges of a new headship and basically stay above water. The work [with my coach] was focused on helping me develop my “sea legs” and bring out my leadership voice and style. As my experience grew, coaching helped me identify higher level areas for personal growth in my leadership which enabled me to take my school to greater heights and navigate new challenges.

On a personal level, coaching has helped me learn how to survive in this very difficult communal position and take care of myself so that I would be able to meet the challenges that I faced. On a professional level it has helped me be a much more effective leader in every sense and my school has been the beneficiary of this.


Prizmah coaches have walked in your shoes; they’re all current or former Jewish day school leaders themselves. These coaches receive ongoing training and peer feedback in the art and science of coaching. They know how to leverage their knowledge and experience to help leaders grow and reach their goals.

What Our Coaches Say:

I couldn’t possibly overstate it. Coaching is better than therapy. It has changed the way I move in the world - professionally and personally.

Almost every conversation allows me to slow down my thinking and reflect on my practice. It has also helped me mentor members of my own leadership team.

It has been the single most impactful aspect of my long-term career growth.

In general, the right coach can help you think outside of yourself, consider other points of view, consider practices that may not be natural to you, and help you build better relationships. A coach helps you make better decisions and enjoy your job more. For a lonely job like a Head of School or day school principal, coaching can make all the difference.


Prizmah is committed to ensuring school leaders are equipped to succeed and will work with your budget.


Contact Ilisa Cappell, Senior Vice President, Engagement, at [email protected] to learn more.

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