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Research, Teaching and Learning, School Policies and Procedures, Mental Health
The team from Rosov Consulting has released a first report about students’ experience of remote learning at Jewish high schools since the onset of COVID-19. See here. Their data prompt valuable recommendations In July 2020...
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Fundraising & Development, Research
The American Jewish community has been making a decades-long massive investment in education, including the expansion of Jewish day schools, overnight Jewish camping, Jewish Studies in college, Hillels, and educational travel...
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Research, Professional Leadership, School Policies and Procedures
Thanks to the ubiquity of high-quality cellphone cameras, we’ve all become aware of how different an object is when viewed through a wide-angle lens compared to a telephoto lens. We can play with such differences ourselves...
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Research, School Policies and Procedures
In August 2020, the Prizmah Knowledge Center fielded a pulse survey to assess plans for the 20-21 school year. The results tell a story of what schools are planning, the scope of changes to the field, and how schools have...
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Research, Affordability, Teaching and Learning, Governance, Finance & Budget, School Policies and Procedures
The Prizmah Knowledge Center developed a pulse survey to collect and harness the knowledge and thinking of Jewish day school and yeshiva leaders to provide data and support for their scenario planning conversations for the...
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Finance & Budget, Fundraising & Development, Prizmah Thought Leadership, Professional Leadership, Research, Teaching and Learning, School Policies and Procedures
PRIZMAH'S FIRST ANNUAL YEAR IN REVIEW, A SURVEY OF THE FIELD OF JEWISH DAY SCHOOLS AND YESHIVAS. This report examines how Jewish schools performed during the pandemic year, with sections on learning models, enrollment...
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Prizmah Thought Leadership, Recruitment and Retention, Research, School Policies and Procedures
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Fundraising & Development, Research, School Policies and Procedures
In January 2021, Prizmah fielded a pulse survey that sought to provide a profile of Jewish day school development in the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years and understand the effects of the COVID pandemic on Jewish day...
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Prizmah Thought Leadership, Professional Leadership, Research, Teaching and Learning
Now that Covid is waning and classrooms feel close to the old normal, what have we learned from two years of online and hybrid pedagogy? Despite the challenges and drawbacks, are there things that remote learning enabled that...
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Governance, Prizmah Thought Leadership, Research
Here is a snapshot of data collected through the Board Self-Assessment (BSA), a tool designed for Jewish day schools and administered by BoardSource in partnership with Prizmah. It is a leading practice for boards to engage...