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Other, JDS Research
The Berman Jewish Databank holds the ultimate collection of Jewish Community studies in the United States. It's compiled by state...
Affordability Other, JDS Research
2016 research conducted by the Berman Jewish Databank on the connection between income and perceived affordability. Income is an...
Middle Income Affordability, JDS Research
A 2013 white paper by Charles Cohen, Jewish Day School Affordability Knowledge Center A Partnership of PEJE and the OU about...
Governance, Strategic Planning, JDS Research
Are you considering rewriting your mission or vision statement? What's the difference between a mission and vision statement?...
Board Learning
Creative Tuition Models, Finance & budget, Affordability, Fundraising & Development, Federations, Other, JDS Research
Guide to Day School Sustainability and Affordability This Greenbook written by Dan Held, published by the Jewish Funders Network...
JDS Research, Pedagogical Approaches
May 2018 AVI CHAI Report by Dr. Leslie Santee Siskin of New York University about the eight elements of a "truly" blended school.
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JDS Research, High School, Impact of Day School
2018 research conducted by Zvi Grummet on the efficacy of Yeshivah high school. "This research study intends to provide a...
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JDS Research, Personnel Development & Empowerment, Instructional Leadership
In 2017, Prizmah commissioned a study with the support of The AVI CHAI Foundation to learn what programs, services, and...
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JDS Research, Affordability Other, Middle Income Affordability, Pedagogical Approaches, Technology
2017 research funded by the AVI CHAI Foundation conducted by Dr. Harry Bloom of Measuring Success that reviews the financial...
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JDS Research, Hebrew
2017 research published by the AVI CHAI Foundation, authored by Alex Pomson and Jack Wertheimer about Hebrew education. The...
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