Torah Learning Center: Comprehensive E-learning Framework, Coronavirus Contingency

By: Odelia Epstein
KC Topics: 
Coronavirus, Judaics/ Kodesh

Torah Learning Center (TLC) is an online learning framework for schools that are looking to transition to online learning for the duration of COVID-19. The framework is built to allow teachers to run a virtual classroom where they can create lessons using many types of media (videos, worksheets, interactive quizzes, etc.), interact with students using built-in conferencing, and track student grades and attendance. The framework also offers device filtering and monitoring to ensure that your students’ are safe on the web.

For schools that are looking to set up a remote General Studies program, TLC has a large database of pre-made accredited coursework that can be imported into the framework and customized to fit with the school's curriculum. One of the many benefits to this program is that each student can learn on their own level, at their own pace, and at whatever time is most convenient while the teacher monitors their progress and is available for assistance. Additionally, the framework provides the flexibility for students to continue into the summer months from any location if necessary.

Audience: The framework is available for all grades. The General Studies coursework is available for grades 6-12.

Screenshots: Click here to view screenshots of the TLC e-learning framework or request a free demo by contacting

Pricing and Discount Information: TLC is offering discounted pricing to schools that are affected by the pandemic. Click here to view the pricing details. 

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