Shalom Learning: Online Learning, Coronavirus Contingency

By: Odelia Epstein
KC Topics: 
Technology, Judaics/ Kodesh, School Policies and Procedures, Coronavirus

ShalomLearning is a nonprofit providing curriculum and support to Jewish educators in North America. We offer a values-based curriculum and Hebrew programs (learn to read and prayers) for real-time virtual classes as well as online Hebrew activities that can be done independently. We can provide virtual teachers if needed.

Audience: Grades K-2 for family education, Grades 3-7 for virtual class or online, self-paced learning.

Medium: Downloadable curriculum that your teacher (or our teacher) can deliver in a virtual classroom (e.g. Zoom) classrooms for synchronous learning or students can log in online for asynchronous learning. 

Pricing: Free access to our values-based curriculum and discounted pricing ($180/20 students with access) on our Learn to Read Hebrew/Tefillot curriculum. 

Contact information: Debi Himelfarb and check out for more info