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Healthy schools have thriving boards that invest in the lay-head partnership. Prizmah is dedicated to strengthening the capacity of our lay and professional school leaders, better equipping them to succeed in their roles to provide quality education for generations of Jewish children.  

Board Fitness, broadly defined, refers to the governance work Prizmah does with lay and professional leaders. It is work that is guided by a vision for strong and healthy day schools and yeshivas in which lay and professional leaders are committed to continuous improvement and partnerships that are nourished through ongoing education and development. The idea of ‘fitness’ signals a process that requires ongoing work and attention. It is not only a set of actions or practices; it is a mindset that helps leaders focus on the cycle of goal setting, achievement, and reflection rather than on a singular goal.

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Self-Study Guides for Lay and Professional leaders

  • Sources on the Source: Jewish Reflections on BoardSource's Twelve Principles of Governance that Power Exceptional Boards
  • A Jewish Day School Journal: Lessons Learned and Best Practices to Help Schools Achieve Sustainability by Rabbi Joshua Elkin


Unlocking Leadership: Obstacles and Opportunities for Improved Day School Volunteer Leadership

Board Leadership Reshet: Purposeful Jewish Lay Leadership Digest 

We invite all Jewish day school board members to join our Board Leadership Reshet where you will be able to connect with peers leading Jewish day school boards across the country. Click here to subscribe to Prizmah’s Reshet Board Leadership. 

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