Mental Health Support for 4-18 Year Olds

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This resource page is put together by Associate Director of Educational Innovation, Rachel Dratch, who has led Prizmah’s first Guidance Counselor Cohort and has been in touch with experts in the field to create this page. Please send her suggestions, links and resources you think should be added as we hope to update the page often. You can reach Rachel at [email protected]

From the Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools Guidance Counselor Program, Cohort 1

For Providers

  • Psychological Effects of Quarantine Describes the psychological effects of quarantine, as well as strategies for how healthcare providers can care for their clients’ and their own mental well-being during periods of quarantine.
  • Practices to provide guidance and recommendations that serve to enhance feelings of safety, calm, self- and community-efficacy, social connectedness, and hope or optimism
  • Family Resilience and Traumatic Stress Discusses a family’s ability to maintain or resume effective functioning, including care of its members, following potentially traumatic events.
  • Caring for Clients' Mental Well-Being Offers recommendations for promoting clients’ mental well-being during emerging infectious disease outbreaks.
  • How Providers Can Take Care of Themselves Tips for self-care for providers.

For Parents and Families

From Trusted COVID-19 Information Sources

From Chai Lifeline

  • Talk on sensitivity for older adults by Dr. David Fox here.
  • Zahava Farbman Coping with Corona presentation: here.
  • English recording dial 515-604-9690 access code: 660597 reference Number: 35.
  • Yiddish recording by a female dial 425-436-6309 access code 488003 reference number 4.
  • Yiddish recording by a male dial  425-436-6309 Access Code: 716183 reference number 1.
  • Dr. David Fox presentation: here.
  • Dr. David Fox nefesh presentation: here.
  • Parenting Under Quarantine FAQs: here.
  • A Conscientious Approach to Coronavirus: here.