JFNA Prizmah Scenario Planning- Looking Forward: Issues for Consideration and Strategic Ventures

The Prizmah Team
KC Topics: 
Professional Leadership, Vision/ Direction Setting, Coronavirus, Coronavirus, Prizmah Thought Leadership, Thought Leadership

In January 2021, Prizmah concluded a JFNA Scenario Planning project for Jewish day schools and yeshivas. This project was developed by JFNA and funded through the generosity of the Mandel Foundation. Over the course of two months, using the framework developed by JFNA, we imagined multiple scenarios that Jewish day schools and yeshivas might face and charted a path through the current Covid-19 crisis and into the post-pandemic time horizon. The scenarios envisioned two factors shaping our future scenarios: To what extent will our ability to gather (social, workplace and civic) be possible? and, What level of financial stability will we have? This slide deck presents the findings from the group.

Access the slide deck here