JETS Blended Learning Bank: Online Learning-Coronavirus Contingency

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School Policies and Procedures, Coronavirus, Teaching and Learning
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JETS Blended Learning Bank offers online learning for students and parents in elementary and high school on topics ranging from Jewish holidays, meaningful Jewish events and people, and periods of significance on the Jewish calendar.

Audience: There are courses for students ranging in age from 3rd grade to 12th grade, and a parent online learning course as well.

Medium: This platform combines interactive online learning, video tours, and video messages to engage the learner.

Pricing and Discount Information: Prices for online courses are discounted and start as low as $39. All courses are 45 minutes long and intended to be a stand alone lesson.

Contact: Stanley Peerless:, 347-620-4086 or 972+531-2689 

More Information: All samplers and featured product can be accessed on our website at