How to Speak with School Communities About Events at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021

The Prizmah Team
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Ethics/Middot, General Studies, Elementary School, High School, Middle School, Social Emotional, Judaics/ Kodesh


Events happening in the United States this week are relevant both in the country, and for democracies everywhere. Jewish day schools and yeshivas support each member of our community in times of personal, local, national and international crisis. School leaders help the community to process information, discuss it together, and create shared frameworks of meaning. These enable our communities to come together and find strength and solace in solidarity guided by Jewish values and tradition. Below, you will find a number of curated resources to help facilitate conversations with your communities.

For support, guidance or ideas about how to have conversations about these topics, reach out to Debra Shaffer Seeman To suggest a resource to be added to this page, please contact Odelia Epstein at

Classroom Resources

Social and Emotional Learning