Development Pulse Survey Results

Odelia Epstein, Traci Reisberg
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In January 2021, Prizmah fielded a pulse survey that sought to provide a profile of Jewish day school development in the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years and understand the effects of the COVID pandemic on Jewish day school fundraising. The survey had 112 respondents.

The top findings are

  • Despite the uncertainty of fundraising in the current economic climate, as indicated by reduced annual campaign budgets for the 2021 fiscal year, 79% of schools are expecting to meet or exceed their annual campaign goal. Increased giving from major donors and the steady gifts coming in from other donors since March 2020 are contributing to that expectation of success. 
  • Three-quarters of schools reported having an endowment, although nearly half of those are not currently soliciting for endowment gifts.
  • The success of COVID-19 emergency campaigns was aided by new and/or lapsed donors. Sixty-six percent of schools reported acquiring new and/or lapsed donors through their emergency campaign. 
  • Seventy-nine percent of schools reported receiving relief funds from their local federation or other Jewish organizations.

Access the Development Pulse Survey Results here