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Shared School Materials

This folder contains 

  • virtual learning schedules, communications and plans
  • school surveys
  • preparation letters
  • parent teacher conferences
  • development resources and communications
  • coronavirus documents and more.
    If you would like to add your school's letter please upload into the folder and or e-mail Debra Shaffer Seeman.

Peer-to-Peer Meet-Ups

Head of School Weekly Check In
Head of Small Schools Weekly Check-in                                                                            
Heads of ECD-12 Schools Connect
Admission Professionals Bi-weekly Check-ins
Admission Professionals Bi-weekly Check-ins for Small Schools
Development Professionals Bi-weekly Check-ins
Director of Technology Weekly Check-In                                                                              
Judaic Administrator Bi-weekly Check-in

We offer Reshet groups for school professionals and board members where connection and sharing happen. Learn more here.  

Back to school

Teaching and Learning

Concurrent Teaching- In Person & Online

Online Learning

Additional resources and webinar recordings  - Teaching and Learning 

Social and Emotional Learning – Mental Health 

Enrollment, Development, Finance and Budget

Additional resources and webinar recordings  - Enrollment, Finance and Budget

School Governance

Additional resources and webinar recordings  - School Governance

Educational Technology 

Additional resources and webinar recordings - Educational Technology

Previous Webinar recordings and resources