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Shared School Materials
Peer-to-Peer Meet-Ups
Back To School
Teaching and Learning
Social and Emotional Learning 
Pulse Survey Reports

Enrollment, Finance and Budget
School Governance

Educational Technology

Shared School Materials

This folder contains 

  • virtual learning schedules, communications and plans
  • school surveys
  • preparation letters
  • parent teacher conferences
  • development resources and communications
  • coronavirus documents and more.
    If you would like to add your school's letter please upload into the folder and or e-mail Debra Shaffer Seeman.

Peer-to-Peer Meet-Ups

Head of School Weekly Check In
Head of Small Schools Weekly Check-in                                                                            
Heads of ECD-12 Schools Connect
Admission Professionals Bi-weekly Check-ins
Admission Professionals Bi-weekly Check-ins for Small Schools
Development Professionals Bi-weekly Check-ins
Director of Technology Weekly Check-In                                                                              
Judaic Administrator Bi-weekly Check-in
Physical Education Teachers Connect
Rituals from Afar Series

We offer Reshet groups for school professionals and board members where connection and sharing happen. Learn more here.  

back to school

Teaching and Learning

Concurrent Teaching- In Person & Online

Online Learning

Additional resources and webinar recordings  - Teaching and Learning 

Social and Emotional Learning – Mental Health 

Enrollment, Development, Finance and Budget

Additional resources and webinar recordings  - Enrollment, Finance and Budget

School Governance

Additional resources and webinar recordings  - School Governance

educational technology 

Additional resources and webinar recordings - Educational Technology

Previous Webinar recordings and resources