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Behrman House offers Hebrew apps and online games that support a variety of course work in Hebrew.

Audience: Grades 2-6.

Medium: Flash videos, app-based learning

Pricing and Discount Information: Most of the resources are free, including the Chaverim B’Ivrit app. Shalom Hebrew app is $14.95 for a 15-month license. Hebrew in Harmony app is $9.95 for a 12-month license. We are happy to give you a free license to try out any of these apps.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR CHAVERIM B’IVRIT USERS: For distance learning in case of school closure, you can order students a second copy of Chaverim B’Ivrit books and workbooks at a 50% discount to use at home. You’ll be able to maintain continuity by conducting classes using Zoom or another video conferencing platform. Note:You can match the number of books you purchased this school year at the regular price. This offer is in effect until March 30, 2020. 

Contact: Terry Kaye, Director of Educational Services:

More information:  To access the free resources, visit Click on the Play and Learn menu option and you’ll discover:

Note: The resources listed above are in Flash and for use on computers and laptops only.

Common Hebrew vocabulary (285 everyday words)

Chaverim B’Ivrit app: Over 300 authentic Hebrew videos with built-in teacher’s guide. Teachers can add their own video challenges to the app and students can respond by making their own videos at home and uploading them to the app. This app is usable on all devices and is FREE for the remainder of this school year.

For paid online resources: These apps help students practice Hebrew skills. They are usable on all devices. To try out the apps, visit the App Store or Google Play Store. Search for:

Chaverim B’Ivritor Shalom Hebrew or Hebrew in Harmony to try out sample lessons.

Chaverim B’Ivrit app is part of a series. The other online resources are stand-alone.