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Looking to expand your repertoire of talking points for parents to choose day school? Articles here offer a range of arguments that speak to the head, heart and soul of prospective families.

Why Jewish Day School by Ziva Hassenfeld, 2022

Making the Case for Jewish Day Schools Now by Elliott Rabin, 2020

The Value of a Jewish Day School Education is Far Beyond Rubies  by Sharon Freundel 2020

Send Your Child to a Jewish Day School by Alan Silverstein, 2019

Do Jewish day School students have an advantage? by Eddie Samuels, 2019

Ten Reasons to Send Your Student to a Jewish Day School by Jody Passanisi, 2019

The Promise of Day School Education:  Cultural Virtuosity by Alex Pomson, 2019

The Case for Day Schools by Erica Brown, 2018

What is the Value of Jewish Day School? by HaYidion, 2018

Why Jewish Day School Education is Worth the Cost by Susan Jacobs Jablow, 2017

Seven Reasons to Send Your Kid to Jewish Day School by Iliana Glovinsky, 2017

Resources for a Conversation: Building Day Schools  by, 2017

Are Day Schools Necessary? by Barbara Sheklin Davis, 2017

The ABCs of why to send your child to a Jewish day school by Rabbi Elchanon Poupko, 2017

The Independent and Jewish Day School Alumni Experience: What the Research Tells Us by Harry Bloom, 2016

Why some public school parents are switching to Jewish day schools by Uriel Heilman, 2015

Why My Kids Are Going Back to Jewish Day School by Rona Kaufman Kitchen, 2015

Opinion: The Case For Day Schools by Ediel Pinker, 2015

The Mishkan, The Chicago World's Fair and Jewish Day Schools by Elliott Rabin, 2014

Jewish Literacy Empowers Jewish Action by Marc Kramer, 2014

The case for Jewish day school by Rabbi Mitch Malkus, 2014

Beyond Continuity, Identity and Literacy: Making a Compelling Case for Jewish Day Schools to 21st Century American Jews by Daniel Lehmann, 2014

The Pew Study and Jewish Literacy by Elliott Rabin, 2013

Making the Case for Jewish Day School Edition HaYidion Spring 2008

Jewish Day School? by Sara Esther Crispe

Making the case for Day School education in the Reform Movement by Josh Elkin and Suzanne Kling

Day School for Reform Jews, Too by David Ellenson and Michael Zeldin, 2004

Studies in Renewal – The Secret of Continuity by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Z"L, 1993

Studies in Renewal – Rethinking Priorities by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Z"L, 1993

Studies in Renewal – From Jewish Continuity to Jewish Continuity by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Z"L, 1993


Research on the impact of Jewish day schools can be found here.  

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