Are Jewish Organizations Great Places to Work?

By: Esther Muslumova
KC Topics: 
Human Resources, Hiring, JDS Research

Leading Edge embarked on a Jewish non profit sector employee engagement survey, in 2017. They reached over 4,400 employees at 68 Jewish organizations. 

From Survey:
* Employees are motivated by the mission of their organizations and undrerstand how their specific jobs contribute to the greater organizational mission.
* Employees know what they need to do to be successful in their roles.
*Employees are able to access leanring and developing opportunities to do their current jobs well.

*Employees do not feel they have the resources.
*Employees do not believe they have a pathway to advancement at their current organizations AND feel more strongly that workloads are not divided fairly.
*Employees do not receive useful performance feedback.
*Employees do not receive high-quality support from other parts of the organizations on which they depend.
*Less than half of respondents think they will continue working in the Jewish nonprofit sector for five years or more.

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