The Head of School Professional Excellence Project (HOSPEP) achieves excellent outcomes by preparing Jewish day school leaders to thrive in their jobs, thereby creating more stable and sustained school leadership.


To succeed in their work, new Heads of School must quickly master an array of complex skills. These skills range from implementing the school’s mission and establishing solid relationships with board, staff, and parents to the countless day-to-day activities that secure a school’s academic, administrative, and fiscal well-being.

HOSPEP was developed to guide, support, inspire, and train a new generation of Jewish day school leaders to meet the extraordinary challenges inherent in their position. HOSPEP’s customized blend of intensive mentoring and coaching equips incoming and less seasoned Heads of School to become strong, confident leaders.

The program also offers participants a dynamic peer network of like-minded school leaders who share strategies, solve problems, and facilitate one another’s professional advancement in a collegial yet rigorous atmosphere.

HOSPEP Participants

The yearlong program serves new Heads of School (individuals who have been in the role for three years or less), individuals embarking on their first headship, and leaders assuming an Head of School role in a larger or different type of school.

HOSPEP's Effectiveness 

The day school field has long struggled with high turnover rates among its leadership, but 9 out of 10 HOSPEP fellows are still leading their schools.

HOSPEP is unique in helping new Jewish day school leaders attain the level of leadership skill that is essential to schools’ institutional stability and growth. New leaders who participate in HOSPEP are exponentially more likely to “survive” their early years on the job, remain in their positions over time, earn the support of their lay and professional communities, and advance their school’s mission and sustainability goals.

How HOSPEP Works 

Our intensive, customized services are a major point-of-distinction. Each HOSPEP fellow receives individualized coaching support on his or her areas of interest or concern, including:

  • strengthening the school’s Judaic mission
  • guiding a board and working effectively with the board chair
  • improving financial planning
  • creating effective fundraising strategies
  • establishing an endowment
  • creating new models for recruitment, enrollment, retention, and tuition assistance
  • changing school culture
  • applying a Jewish lens to day school leadership and decision-making

Learn More and Apply 

Click here to apply to participate in the 2017-2018 program.
For more information, please email Shira Lowenstein.

What Participants are Saying 

“My HOSPEP coach was my lifeline this year. I’m not sure I would have made it past the first month without her constant, good counsel.”