In These Times

In These Times

This issue shows how Jewish day schools help students engage with serious social issues in ways that cast more light than heat. Whether the issues concern race or feminism, gun violence or identity, day schools of all kinds foster conversations and create programs that build understanding and give voice to opposing, often passionately held positions, while finding paths to achieve communal unity amidst divisiveness. They do so by adhering to the school's mission and to those values that unite us.

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Winter 2019
HaYidion In These Times Winter 2019

Articles From This Issue

  • Connection and Shock: Expanding Students’ Jewish Horizons Through International School Partnerships
    Rabbi Mordechai Soskil
  • Building Endowment Through Generations
    Daniel Spiegel
  • Preserving Community and Upholding Values: A School’s Response to Parkland
    Amy Ament, Rabbi Joshua Lookstein
  • On Board: Cultivating a Service Leadership Mindset
    Rich Levin, Jeff Bicher, Kelli Brogan
  • The World Outside the Classroom
    Dr. Ilana Blumberg
  • Commentary: The Virtues and Vices of Morality
    Rabbi Eliezer Sneiderman, Michelle Barton, Jason Feld, Ruth Ashrafi
  • Creating Support Structures for Jewish Diversity
    Roni Ben-David, Lauren Cook, Yael Krieger
  • Get Ready for the Prizmah Conference
    Daniel Infeld
  • Teaching About Race in a Jewish Day School
    Dr. Eytan Apter
  • From the Board: B'Yachad: Together Toward a Vibrant Jewish Future
    Ann Pava, Sam Moed
  • Shining Light in Response to Gun Violence
    Dr. Susan London
  • Professional Development Towards Becoming an Anti-Racist Jewish Day School
    Benjamin Mann
  • From the CEO: The Miracle of Jewish Day Schools
    Paul Bernstein, CEO
  • Student Walkout for Action
    Evan Horwitz, Niomi Markel, Elizabeth Mehr, Jonah Flamm
  • Teaching Civics in the Age of Polarization
    Tamara Mann Tweel, Lindsay Bressman
  • In the Issue: In These Times
    Elliott Rabin, Editor, HaYidion
  • Listening for the Grace Note: Finding Harmony Amid Cacophony
    Students from Gann Academy
  • Power and Ethics and the Textpeople of Jewish Education
    Dr. Daniel Rose
  • Community Projects: Teaching Students to Use Their Power for Good
    Jennifer Coxe
  • Advice for Managing Challenging Classroom Conversations
    Dr. Sarah Levy
  • Our Children as Leaders
    Daniella Pressner
  • Look Who’s Talking: Teaching Power and Responsibility Through Classroom Interactions
    Allison Cook and Dr. Orit Kent
  • Statement on Homosexuality in Jewish Schools
    Britain’s Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis
  • Taking Different Routes
    Allison Corvo
  • Creating a More Welcoming and Inclusive Space for LGBTQ Youth
    Jordan Herskowitz
  • Balancing the Seesaw: Striving for Accessibility and Financial Sustainability Within Our Day Schools
    Jennifer Groen
  • On Kept Princes, the Bell Curve and Our Boys
    Jason Ablin
  • Keep Power and Influence in Check and Hearsay at Bay in the Boardroom
    Kathy Cohen, Nanette Fridman
  • Engineering STEM Education for Girls
    Orly Nadler
  • Kinder, Gentler Discourse
    Sharon Freundel
  • Teaching Masculinity in an Age of #MeToo
    Yaron Schwartz, Joshua Ladon
  • On My Nightstand: Books Prizmah Staff Are Reading
    Prizmah staff
  • Enhancing Female Leadership in Modern Orthodox Day Schools
    Meryl Feldblum
  • Conditions for Successful Headship
    Ilisa Cappell