Teaching Tanakh

Summer 2012

Teaching Tanakh

About This Issue
HaYidion Teaching Tanakh Summer 2012

Tanakh (the Jewish Bible, Prophets and Writings) is the cornerstone of Jewish tradition; but how do we take our most ancient text and make it come alive for contemporary Jews? Read how educators deploy an array of methodologies and pedagogies to unlock the treasures of the Tanakh for today’s students.

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Articles From This Issue

  • Good and Welfare Posts from RAVSAK Schools
  • Museum Learning: Entering Torah through Pictures
    Ian Silverman and Michael Druin
  • The Torah of Relevance: A Dinosaur Deserving Extinction
    Eric Grossman
  • Promoting Torah Literacy: Strategies from the Field of Literacy Education
    Yael Sacks
  • Philosophical Inquiry with Tanakh
    Jen Glaser
  • The Quality of Life Wheel: A Tool for Reading, Understanding and Living
    M. Evan Wolkenstein
  • Staying Abraham’s Hand: On Withholding Disturbing Biblical Texts
    Dr. Ora Horn Prouser
  • Terms for Biblical Study
  • A Reform Approach to Tanakh Education
    Eric Petersiel
  • Redesigning Tanakh Curriculum to Meet Our Students Today
    Batia Dragovetsky-Nemirovsky
  • Advancing 21st Century Skills through Tanakh Education
    Sharon Freundel
  • Teaching the Seventy Faces of Torah
    Ziva T. Reimer
  • Of Rabbis and Rebbes Studying Torah Texts for Meaning and Jewish Identity
    Rabbi Tzvi Berkson
  • Constructing a Love of Learning: Constructivism in a Torah Classroom
    Benjamin Czeladnicki
  • To Teach a Subversive Canon in a Digital World
    Avi Warshavski
  • Innovative Tanakh Programs in the Land of Milk and Honey
    Howard Deitcher
  • Bayamim Hahem Bazman Hazeh: Teaching Nevi’im and the State of Israel
    Jeffrey Schrager
  • From the Editor
    Barbara Davis
  • Authentic Tanakh Assessments: a Typology
    Alex Sinclair
  • Letters
  • Doing the Work: Interpretative Experience as the Fulcrum of Tanakh Education
    Allison Cook and Orit Kent
  • From the Desk of Arnee Winshall, RAVSAK Chair
    Arnee Winshall
  • Differentiation: Road Maps to Torah Study
    Beth Burstein Fine