Teaching Jewish History

Spring 2014

Teaching Jewish History

About This Issue
HaYidion Teaching Jewish History Spring 2014

Is Jewish history the linchpin to Jewish identity formation, the weak link in day school Jewish studies, or perhaps both? Jewish history provides students with critical links to their past and gives them the context for their own experiences. Discover insights in this field from senior scholars and educators, and find creative new initiatives being used by teachers in day schools today.

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Articles From This Issue

  • Beginning in First Grade
    Bryna Leider
  • Connecting Curricula: Jewish Social Studies in a Community Day School
    Andi Koss
  • Teaching Jewish History Across Disciplines—and Across the Hall
    Joel Abramovitz and Shona Schwartz
  • Barrack Centropa Museums of European Jewry
    Susan Schwartz and Amy MalissaHersz
  • From the Editor
    Barbara Davis
  • A Case Study Approach to Integrating Jewish Values and Modern History
    Neil Kramer
  • From the desk of Rebekah Farber, RAVSAK Chair
    Rebekah Farber
  • Recipe for Engagement, Enrichment, and Inquiry: Primary Sources
    Jack Lipinsky
  • Dear Cooki
    Cooki Levy
  • Using Simulations to Play With Jewish History
    Meredith Katz
  • Jewish History: The Neglected Discipline
    Samuel Kapustin
  • Understanding the Holocaust, as Jews
    Ann Nachbar
  • The Opportunities of Teaching Jewish History
    Sivan Zakai
  • Inheriting the Past, Building the Future: Developing Historical Thinking in Upper Elementary Students
    Lisa Micley and Stan Peerless
  • Between History and Memory in Israel Education
    Alex Sinclair
  • Role-Playing Between Accuracy and Creativity
    David Fain
  • Why Study American Jewish History?
    Jonathan D. Sarna
  • Teaching the History of Jewish-Christian Relations
    Mark Stolovitsky
  • Creating Collective Memory as a Moral Imperative
    Nance Morris Adler
  • Connecting Ethics and History Through a Jewish Lens
    Jan Darsa
  • Teaching Jewish History: A Major Impediment
    Robert Chazan
  • Integrating Jewish History Within a General Social Studies Curriculum
    Juli Kramer and Naomi Lev
  • On the Virtue of Not
    Martin Lockshin
  • PaRDeS: History as Spirit in Action
    Michael Feuer
  • History, Myth and Meaning: Living in the Present with the Past
    Jonathan Woocher