School Advocacy

School Advocacy

This issue offers insights and strategies concerning school advocacy, by which is meant the ways that a school promotes itself, markets itself and speaks about itself. Authors offer insights into what day schools should know about young parents, and the various means to reach them, both online and in person. Other articles consider how schools can take some of their core practices, such as teaching Hebrew and supporting diverse learners, and use them in their promotion. Additionally, the issue looks at ways that day schools can tap into the larger community and its institutions for purposes of advocacy.

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Summer 2018
HaYidion School_Advocacy Summer 2018

Articles From This Issue

  • Increase Retention from Early Childhood Education to Kindergarten Through an Interactive Open House
    Jillian Bar-or
  • Like Night and Day: Changing Our Open Houses
    Amy Schlussel
  • Alumni: At the Corner of Engagement and Advocacy
    Alyssa Wolf
  • Open Houses for Fuller Enrollment
    Elisha Paul
  • Why Teaching to Diverse Learners Is a Smart Equation
    Elizabeth Fox, Rafi Kalman, Debbie Niderberg
  • Dirty Words
    Janice Prazoff
  • What Current—and Prospective—Jewish Day School Parents Think About Day School
    Daniel Chiat, Dan Perla, Traci Stratford
  • Ambassadorship: A Powerful Recruitment Tool
    Philippa Lichterman
  • Your Marketing Questions—Answered
    Laura Sheridan
  • What Is the Value of Jewish Day School?
    Jon Kelsen, Ora Horn Prouser
  • Maximizing the Millennial Moment
    Chuck English
  • If You Build It, Get Them to Come: Marketing a New School
    Tikvah Wiener
  • On My Nightstand: Brief reviews of books that Prizmah staff are reading
  • Cultivating Families through Community Programs
    Nili Simhai, Yael Steiner
  • Spotlight On Teaching and Learning--PLC: Building Student Engagement
    Judy Weinstock and Nicole Kridos
  • Discovering the Unknown: More Research to Make the Case for Hebrew Language Learning
    Rafi Cashman, Mitchel Malkus
  • Reshet Roundup: Voices from the Field
    Debra Shaffer Seeman
  • Counterpoint: Mission Impossible--The Limits of Vision
    Elliot Spiegel
  • On Board: Developing Effective Board Advocates
  • Point: Jewish Schools, for Everyone
    Darren Kleinberg
  • Commentary: Inspiring Commitment
  • The Value Proposition of Reform Day School
    Miriam Heller Stern
  • The Advice Booth: Which Hat Do I Take Off?
    Amy Wasser
  • Two to Tango: Day Schools and Federations
    Marc Wolf, Daniel Held, Kim Hirsh, Chavie N. Kahn, Nancy Kriegel
  • From the Board: A Tale of Two Philanthropies
    Ann Pava
  • Lessons from Mezuzah about Redefining Success in Day Schools
    Manette Mayberg
  • From the CEO: Seeing the Voices of Day School Advocates
    Paul Bernstein
  • When in Rome, Create a Community
    Barry Kislowicz
  • In the issue: School Advocacy
    Elliott Rabin, Editor
  • Embracing Local Culture
    Julie Fortune
  • Who Does Your School Think It Is?
    Andrea Naddaff in conversation with Donna Von Samek
  • The Story Behind Creating Our Story
    Rachel Arcus-Goldberg, Tali Zelkowicz
  • Rebuilding Enrollment
    Jennifer Grubbs
  • Creating the Online Infrastructure for Successful Digital Word of Mouth
    Glenn Slavin