This issue examines how schools are adapting to the challenging circumstances of conducting business during the Covid-19 pandemic. Articles explore ways that school leaders are managing to organize stakeholders in a crisis; that schools are collaborating with each other and internally as a community to strengthen all systems; that educators are reinventing Jewish education through these exigencies by using online tools and shifting their pedagogies. Authors seek to find changes in the present that may have lasting value for a future, post-Covid reality.

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Fall 2020
HaYidion Remodeling Fall 2020

Articles From This Issue

  • In the Issue: Remodeling
    Elliott Rabin, Editor
  • From the CEO: Scaling the Mountain Ahead
    Paul Bernstein, CEO, Prizmah
  • From the Board: Empowering Boards to Step up
    Yehuda Neuberger, Prizmah's Board Chair
  • Good News on Alternative Tuition Models
    Amy Adler and Dan Perla, Prizmah
  • The Value of Flexibility in a Pandemic: Recruitment and Retention
    Wendy Falchuk
  • Leadership Lessons in the Time of Corona: Practice and Theory
    Steven Lorch
  • Leveraging Covid: Adapting to Thrive
    Maury Grebenau
  • Commentary: Day School Parenting Under Covid
  • Drawing Strength from Prior Crises
    Cheryl Maayan and Michael Rubin
  • Supportive Supervision
    Anna Hartman, Ilana Dvorin Friedman
  • The Advice Booth: Admissions Programs During Covid
    Yael Steiner
  • New Day School Collaborations in Three Communities
    Amy Gold, Sarah Shulkind, Zivya Feifel Mosbacher
  • Collaborating to Serve Day Schools Better
    Sharon Freundel
  • Research Corner: Measuring the Pulse of Jewish Day Schools
    Odelia Epstein
  • Federation: A Source of Steadfast Support for Our Day Schools
    Rebecca Hindin
  • Collective Resilience
    Melissa Michaelson
  • Creating Community Spirit Online
    Elana Paice Lidsky
  • Partnering with Parents for Learning Support in a Pandemic
    Mia Hyman
  • Of Sound Body and Mind: Resilience in the Face of an Ongoing Pandemic
    Oshra Cohen
  • Reimagining Learning: The Greatest EdTech Experiment Ever Conducted
    Marc Wolf
  • What Should Assessments Look Like in a Pandemic and Beyond?
    Bracha Rutner
  • Moral Education in the Time of Covid
    Judd Kruger Levingston
  • Evaluating Jewish Schooling During Covid: Alternative Perspectives
    Alex Pomson, Nettie Aharon
  • The Show Must Go On(line): Virtual Fiddler
    Ronit Greenstein
  • Virtual Learning: An Opportunity for Student Collaboration
    Lauren Dolinka and Danielle Heyde
  • Blogs and Stories
    Michelle Petrova
  • S'mores a la Zoom
    Rivkie Gottlieb
  • On My Nightstand: Brief reviews of books that Prizmah staff are reading