Money Matters

Winter 2014

Money Matters

About This Issue
HaYidion Money Matters Winter 2014

Money of course does matter, in myriad ways, to the functioning of our schools. Just as important are the perceptions about money that circulate among stakeholders: How do funders decide where to put their money? What do employees think and say about salary and work conditions? How do parents and prospective parents understand the school's value? What are the explicit and implicit messages students learn about money? Authors present guidance and reflections on the systems of day school finances while exploring the questions around school value.

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Articles From This Issue

  • Steps to Ensure Good Fiscal Oversight
    Laura Matthews
  • Day School Tuition: If You Lower It, Will They Come?
    Daniel Perla
  • Accessing Public Funds for Special Education in Jewish Day Schools
    Benjamin Mann and Deanna Stecker
  • The Covenant Classroom: Big Change from Small Change
    Harlene W. Appelman
  • Beyond Possible: Government Funding and Your Day School’s Responsibility
    Maury Litwack
  • Transparency in School Compensation
    Maccabee Avishur, Dina Rabhan and Shira Heller
  • Money Talks: Exploring Values through the Lens of Money
    Stefanie Zelkind
  • Strenghten the Core, Strengthen Leadership: Thinking Differently About Day School Funding and Priorities
    Marc Baker
  • Funding Innovation
    Todd J. Sukol
  • The Path Toward Jewish Day School Sustainability: Lessons Learned
    Stephanie Bash-Soudry
  • An Open Letter to Jewish Philanthropists
    Adam Tilove and Laurence Kotler Berkowitz
  • The State of Financial Aid in Jewish Day Schools
    Harry Bloom
  • Whatever Happened to Hebrew Day Schools?
    Jonathan Woocher
  • Dear Cooki
    Cooki Levy
  • The Four Levers of Jewish Day School Affordability and Sustainability
    Yehudah Potok
  • From the Editor
    Dr. Barbara Davis
  • From the Board Minding Your (Money) Manners
    Lesley Zafran
  • Circles of Success
    Mark Shpall
    Suzy Bookbinder, Deborah Davidson Shapiro
  • Fundraising Compaigns in Our Schools: The Integrated Ask
    Angie Lieber, Development Director
  • Long-Term Solution to the Money Problems of Parochial Schools: Government Funding
    Michael J. Broyde
  • Fundraising Campaigns in Our Schools: Alumni Family Giving, Building a Bright Future by Connecting to our Past
    Steven D. Levy, Treasurer & Naomi Bacharach, Director of Marketing and Development
  • Economic Justice and Policy in Jewish Sources
    Interview with Jonathan Brandow
  • Fundraising Compaigns in Our Schools: Feasability Study, Key to a Successful Campaign
    Lynn Raviv, Director of Development
  • Funding Progress
    Interview with Paula Gottesman
  • Fundraising Compaigns in Our Schools: 100 Holes of Golf Marathon
    Laura Leventhal, Director of Institutional Advancement
  • Can a School Control its Value?
    Peter Gow
  • Values-Driven Philanthropy
    Adina Kanefield