Leading Together

Spring 2021
אביב תשפ״א

Leading Together

Prizmah Columns

From the CEO: The Blessing of Leaders Rightly Timed

From the Board Chair: Network / Net Worth

Sanctifying the Volunteer-Professional Partnership

In This Issue

In the Issue: Leading Together

About This Issue
HaYidion Leading Together

We usually think of leadership as a quality inhering in leaders. This issue starts from a different premise, that leadership is primarily relational. Authors explore issues that can complicate relationships between school leaders, especially the head and board chair, and suggest practices, ways of thinking and acting, that can engender success. Other articles look at relationships among board members, teamwork among administrators, and partnerships with outside consultants and other schools.

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Articles From This Issue

  • In the Issue: Leading Together
    Elliott Rabin
  • From the CEO: The Blessing of Leaders Rightly Timed
    Paul Bernstein
  • From the Board Chair: Network / Net Worth
    Yehuda Neuberger
  • Leading from Within
    Ilisa Cappell
  • Building More Trusting Partnerships
    Dr. Erica Brown
  • Sanctifying the Volunteer-Professional Partnership
    Elissa Maier
  • The Head and Board Chair Partnership: Recipe for Success
    Nicole Nash and Judy Schoenberg
  • Preparing for Head Succession
    Amy Wasser
  • Commentary: Leadership During a Crisis
  • Transform Your Board into the Leadership Team Your School Needs
    Deborah Shapira
  • Experiencing the Magic of the Organization: Making Boards Attractive
    Phil de Toledo with Ilisa Cappell
  • How Boards Should Transition to a Post-Covid-19 Environment
    Steve Levy
  • From Strength to Strength: Strategic Succession of the Board President
    Anat Geva and Stacy Raviv
  • The Fourth W
    Elisha Paul
  • The Advice Booth: The Gift of an Ask
    Hannah Strasser Olson
  • Get It Done: Project Management Principles for your School’s Development Efforts
    Jonah Halper
  • Partnership and Support for Interschool Collaboration
    Melanie Waynik
  • Spotlight: Studying the Torah of Prizmah
    Jonathan Posner
  • Building for Sustained Impact
    David Farbman, in collaboration with members of the DEEP Consortium
  • Research Corner: Enrollment and Development During the Covid Pandemic
    Odelia Epstein
  • Aligning Instructional Leadership to Advance Student Learning
    Nina Bruder, Fayge Safran Novogroder
  • Cultivating Change and Leading with Agility
    Sandra Nagy
  • A Community of Distinctive Contributions
    Ashley Ross, President, Netivot HaTorah, Toronto
  • Changing Pilots Mid-Air
    Philip Blumenthal, Board President, Gesher Jewish Day School, Fairfax, Virginia
  • Developing Connections for Collaboration
    Jason D. Gottlieb, Immediate Past Board President and Chair, Development and Endowment Committee, Milwaukee Jewish Day School
  • Profiles in Leadership
    Elissa Kaplan, President, Board of Trustees, Academies at GBDS, Oakland, New Jersey
  • What It’s All About
    David Lasko, Executive Vice President, Board of Trustees, Katz Yeshiva High School of South Florida, Boca Raton
  • Maintaining a Strategic Lens Amidst the Time Pressures of a Pandemic School Year
    Jonathan Weiss, Board Chair, Hillel Torah, Skokie, Illinois
  • Creating a Nonprofit Board in a For-Profit School
    Yossi Scheller, Board Chair, and Brocha Baum-Margolese, Head of School, Darchei Noam Montessori, Baltimore
  • On My Nightstand Brief Review of Books That Prizmah Staff Are Reading