Jewish Literacy and Curriculum

Spring 2016

Jewish Literacy and Curriculum

About This Issue
HaYidion Jewish Literacy and Curriculum Spring 2016

When formulating a vision of what they want their students to learn, day school educators need to start with a shared understanding of Jewish literacy. This issue explores the connections between a vision of Jewish literacy and a Jewish curriculum. Authors consider the purposes and goals of literacy; suggest ways that Jewish sources can serve as an educational framework; advocate for various subjects, curricular emphases and pedagogical or delivery methods; and share specific initiatives that they have developed. 

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Articles From This Issue

  • The Day School Library: Vital Link Between Information and the Classroom
    Aviva Adler
  • Working Together for a Bright Future
    Rebekah Farber, Chair, Board of Directors
  • Staying Alive: Embracing Curricular Change and Collaboration
    Barbara Ellison Rosenblit
  • Jewish Literacy: Mi Yode'a?
    Dr. Barbara Davis, Secretary, Board of Directors
  • Hebrew Literacy: Passport and Lynchpin
    Rabbi Elie Kaunfer
  • Column: Embracing the Practical
    Dr. Miriam Heller Stern
  • Jewish Literature and Literacy
    Josh Lambert
  • From Multiple Choice to Multiple Choices: Rethinking Israel Literacy in Our Schools
    Sivan Zakai PhD
  • What's in a Namesake? Putting the "Heschel" Back in Heschel Day School
    RABBI SCOTT WESTLE, Rabbi-in-Residence
  • A Jewish Literacy Program: Satisfying Our Investors
    Steve Bailey PhD
  • A New Mode of Learning: Scribal Arts
    RABBI REUVEN MARGRETT Director of Jewish Studies
  • Translation: A Living Conversation
    Aviya Kushner
  • Jewish Mysticism
    CATHERINE LASSER, Judaics Studies Teacher
  • Jewish Literacy Versus Jewish Identity: Teachers' Reflections
    Dr. Sarah Levy
  • Mikvah: A J-STEM Project
    RABBI HOWARD FINKELSTEIN, Dean of Judaic Studies
  • What Sticks?
    Four day school alumni
  • To Learn to Teach
    BRIAN KING, Director of Innovation
  • Room to Breathe: Creating Air in Pluralistic Jewish Education
    Rabbi Eliezer Sneiderman
  • Literacy: The Gift of Many Things
    Dr. Idana Goldberg, Co-Executive Director
  • Jewish Fluency: Creating a New Culture
    Abi Dauber Sterne
  • Thinking Jewishly: The Role of Student Programs in a Judaics Curriculum
    Dr. Larry Kutler, Head of School
  • Tanakh Literacy, for the Jewish Present
    Rabbi Dr. Rafi Cashman
  • Literacy Day
    Dr. Lea Keil Garson, Director, Learning Center
  • Between Universalism and Particularism: Rethinking the Teaching of Jewish History
    Dr. Jonathan Krasner
  • Planning the Unplannable: When Life Interrupts the Curriculum
    Dr. Deborah Skolnick Einhorn
  • Setting the Bar High for Jewish Learning
    Lisa Exler
  • Online Curricula: Literacy with Flexibility
    Ilana Lipman
  • Redeeming Jewish Literacy
    Dr. Jon A. Levisohn
  • Jewish Sources as a Guide to Curriculum and Pedagogy
    Hagit Dotan
  • Navigating Critical Relationships
    Cooki Levy