Israel & Zionism Education

Spring 2009

Israel & Zionism Education

About This Issue
HaYidion Israel & Zionism Education Spring 2009

An attachment to the Jewish state, the main development in Jewish history over the last 2000 years, is central to the mission of Jewish day schools. Implementation, however, often proves challenging, as many schools lack a coherent curriculum or measures for success, or even a clear sense of goals. Authors here articulate visions, suggest ways to develop student knowledge, and describe portals for student connection to contemporary Israeli life and culture.

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Articles From This Issue

  • From the Editor
    Barbara Davis
  • Creating a School Culture of Israel Education
    Anne Lanski
  • From the Desk of Susan Weintrob, RAVSAK President
    Susan Weintrob
  • Bookcase
    RAVSAK Staff
  • Indicators for Successful Israel Engagement
    Alex Sinclair
  • What Works in Israel Education
    Kenneth W. Stein
  • Forging a School’s Vision for Israel Education
    Gordon Bernat-Kunin
  • Putting the Ideology Back Into Israel Education
    Alick Isaacs
  • Overcoming Media Bias in Telling the Story about Israel: A Primer
    Gary Kenzer
  • Becoming Student Advocates for Israel
    Ethan Hammerman
  • The Challenges of Attracting Israelis to Our Day Schools
    Paul Shaviv
  • Israel Studies and the Hebrew Language
    Vardit Ringvald
  • Much Ado About Something: Clarifying Goals and Methods of Israel Education
    Alex Pomson and Howard Deitcher
  • Israel Studies on the American Campus: A Hard Transition
    Arieh Saposnik
  • Israel Education Is… Identification and Commitment
    Anna Kolodner and Jonina Pritzker
  • The Dimensions of Time in Israel Education
    Ezra Kopelowitz
  • Celebrating Israel’s Complexities Through the Arts
    Robbie Gringras
  • Israel Action Items
    Rafi Cohen