Spring 2010


About This Issue
HaYidion iSchool Spring 2010

Schools need strategic leadership to select from the onslaught of new technological offerings and to keep the rudder always pointed toward effective education. This issue provides both perspectives that can inform leadership strategy and information about some of the directions and initiatives employing current technology to strengthen education.

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Articles From This Issue

  • The Public Library as a Center for Technological Creativity
    Kelly Czarnecki
  • Sound, Camera, Web! Animating the Parsha
    Interview with Sarah Lefton, Founder of "G-dcast"
  • From the Editor
    Barbara Davis
  • Video Conferencing
    Esther Feldman
  • From the Desk of Arnee Winshall, RAVSAK Chair
    Arnee Winshall
  • Experiments with Educational Technology
    Eli Kannai
  • Student as Contributor: The Digital Learning Farm
    Alan November
  • Minds in Session: The Jewish Court of All Time
    Michael Fahy, Jeff Kupperman, Jeff Stanzler
  • Into Tomorrow: Moving the Educational Debate
    Ian Jukes
  • i-Faith – Judaism in the Playlist of Young Jews’ Beliefs
    Shu Eliovson
  • Off-Line Human Contact in the Digital Age
    Gary Small
  • Bookcase
    RAVSAK Staff
  • From an Packed Storehouse to a Heap of Pebbles: The New Jewish Literacy
    Avi Warshavski
  • We Must Be Bold: Jewish Learning and the Challenge of Social Media
    Dan Mendelsohn Aviv
  • Through Online Learning Innovate to Educate: Maximizing Students’ Potential
    Clayton Christensen and Michael Horn
  • The Rationale for Educational Technology for General and Jewish Studies
    Tzvi Pittinsky
  • Best Practices for Technology Development
    Avi Greene
  • Alternative Assessment Models to Empower Youth-directed Learning
    Barry Joseph
  • Open Learning, Open Content: Emerging Trends in Education
    Caren N. Levine
  • Digital Tools for the Classroom
    Sholom Eisenstat
  • Leading by Example: Teacher-Led Professional Development
    Ginger Thornton