The God Issue

Spring 2015

The God Issue

About This Issue
HaYidion The God Issue Spring 2015

In Jewish tradition, God alone is the Creator of all and the ultimate embodiment of unity, Oneness. In the 21st century Jewish community, however, God can often be a source of contention and divisiveness. Our community is far from united around questions of God's existence, nature and way of acting, the ways that we can understand God and relate to God. The authors in this issue approach the Big Questions from a wide variety of perspectives and thinkers, but they are united in their concern to bring the God Issue within the classrooms and halls of Jewish day schools.

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Articles From This Issue

  • Student Voices on God
    Mariashi Groner
  • Writing about God
    Jamie Faith Woods
  • Children’s Writings about God
    Michael Shire
  • From the Editor: Teaching About God: Hows and Whys
    Barbara Davis, Executive Editor
  • Talking about G-d in a Pluralistic Day School
    Nathan Somers
  • From the Board: Stronger Heads for Stronger Schools
    Zipora Schorr
  • Hating God in Front of the Whole School
    Jeremy Winaker
  • Setting Boundaries with Administrator’s Children
    Cooki Levy, "Dear Cooki Advice Column"
  • Hide and Seek: When and How Our Students Might Find God in Their Lives
    Daniel Siegel
  • Debate - The Key to Nurturing Lifelong Engagement with God
    Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
  • The Missing God in Israeli Education: Conversations About God Among Faculty and Students
    Tova Avihai-Kremer and Michal Bergman
  • Almighty? No Way! - Embracing the God We Already Love
    Bradley Shavit Artson
  • Beyond Belief: Metaphor and Awe
    Peg Sandel
  • Disability and God Talk
    Lauren Tuchman
  • The Young Child’s Search for God: A Critical and Formative Journey
    Howard Deitcher
  • God's Time
    Elliott Rabin
  • Beit Knesset as Theology Laboratory
    Tsafi Lev
  • Grappling with Proofs of G-d
    Howard Finkelstein
  • Student Encounter with God
    Yonim Schweig
  • Encountering God through the Texts of Life
    Sue Levi Elwell and Nancy Fuchs Kreimer
  • Talking about God with 8th Graders
    Nance Adler
  • Into The Mystic
    Avi Weinstein
  • Building Older Elementary Students’ Connections to God and Spirituality
    Nancy Leaderman
  • A Speaking God
    Yehuda Rapoport
  • God in the Christian Classroom: Lessons for Jewish Day Schools
    Sarah Rubinson Levy
  • Column Keeping The Vision: What Stories Do We Tell?
    Jonathan Woocher