Jewish day schools want every child to succeed in their learning and social-emotional development. How can schools accomplish those lofty goals while teaching many students in the same classroom? This issue explores that conundrum and showcases various ways that learning can be differentiated to meet the needs, capacities, and interests of different students. Articles address differentiation within the classroom, and supporting teachers to learn, transition to, and apply methods of differentiation. Authors discuss the "how-to" as well as the larger goals and vision.

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Fall 2017
HaYidion Differentiation Fall 2017

Articles From This Issue

  • Math Differentiation Brings New Collaboration
    Beth Brown, Director of Curriculum and Instruction; Fallon Katz, Learning Specialist
  • Differentiation: A Moral and Fundamental Imperative for Jewish Educators
    Noa Daniel
  • Differentiation in Tanakh Classes: Integrating Students Who Transfer From Secular Schools
    Rebecca Friedman-Charry and Judith May, Judaic Studies Teachers
  • On My Nightstand: Books Prizmah Staff Are Reading
    Adele Yermack, Shira Heller, Yael Steiner, Matt Williams
  • Resisting Nostalgia: Differentiation in Multiage Classrooms
    Rabbi Yehudah Potok, Head of School
  • On Board
    Leanne Kaplan, Lesley Zafran, Steve Laufer
  • Differentiating Our Schools from the Competition
    Dr. Marc Lindner and Rabbi Dr. Mitchel Malkus
  • The Advice Booth: The Board's Role in Raising Donors
    Traci Stratford
  • Be Sure The Shoe Fits: Differentiation and Campaign Planning
    Amy Schiffman
  • Guest Column: Differentiation as Unavoidable Reality
    Matt Williams
  • Getting off the Blocks: Low-Barrier Entry Points for Personalized Learning Novices
    Jeff Liberty
  • Commentary: Teaching to Make a Difference
    Gussie Singer, Rabbi Joe Hirsch, Beth Fine, Tikvah Wiener
  • Differentiation: The Key to Unlocking the Joy of Torah Study for All Students
    Lisa Exler and Bryna Leider
  • Spotlight on... School Advocates
  • Finding Strengths in Classroom Neurodiversity
    Nina Price and Dr. Deborah Skolnick Einhorn
  • From the Board: A Few Things I've Learned About Fundraising
    Kathy Manning
  • “Mirror Mirror On The Wall”: Differentiated Instruction and the Fairness Challenge
    Rona Novick PhD, Laya Solomon EdD and Ilana Turetsky EdD
  • From the CEO: New Services for the New Year
    Paul Bernstein
  • A Mindful Approach to Differentiated Classrooms: Kindness Matters
    JM Levine
  • From the Editor: Differentiation
    Elliott Rabin, Editor
  • To Know Him Is to Know How to Teach Him (or Her): Relationship as the Key to Differentiation
    Rivky Ross
  • Differentiation in the Online Classroom
    John Englander and Lisa Micley
  • Differentiation in an Inclusive Classroom
    Dr. Miriam Heyman, Shira Ruderman
  • Gaming for Prophets
    Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg, Jewish Studies Teacher and JudeoTech Integrator
  • Divergent Minds, Convergent Molds: Creative Students in Religious Education
    ML Gamliel
  • Supporting Students from Eighth Grade to College
    Rabbi Marshall Lesack, High School Principal, and Shera Freedman, Learning Specialist
  • Learning from Sports Coaches and Charter Schools: From Differentiated Instruction to Differentiated Conversation
    Toby Barg
  • Techniques for Differentiation in Mixed-Grade Hebrew Classes
    Bracha Dror, Hebrew and Jewish Studies Teacher
  • Differentiation: Proceed with Caution
    Rabbi Rafi Eis