Day School Teachers

Winter 2013

Day School Teachers

About This Issue
HaYidion Day School Teachers Winter 2013

Are there unique qualities and characteristics that we expect—and find—among day school teachers? Is there sufficient infrastructure to train teachers in the numbers needed by day schools, and do schools support those teachers sufficiently to grow and retain them?

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Articles From This Issue

  • Don’t Forget the Teacher When Teaching with Technology
    Jared Matas
  • The Pew Survey and Day Schools: Opening Ourselves to New Possibilities?
    Jonathan Woocher
  • Teachers in our Schools
  • “Adorn Yourself”: Mindful Model Learners
    Jaimi Boehm and Devin Villareal
  • I Am a Teacher, I am a Text
    Joshua Rabin
  • What Makes a Jewish Day School Teacher? The Connection Between Passion and Teaching
    Sarah Rubinson Levy
  • Jewish Educators Walk the Walk
    Frumie Posner
  • What Day Schools Need Is... More Cool Teachers
    Judd Kruger Levingston
  • From the Editor
    Dr. Barbara Davis
  • Mentoring: A Key to Teacher Retention
    Jamie Faith Woods
  • From the desk of Rebekah Farber, RAVSAK Chair
    Rebekah Farber
  • Every Teacher Needs a Teacher
    Shiffy Landa
  • Dear Cooki
    Cooki Levy
  • What Does It Take to Teach Israel?
    Jonah Hassenfeld
  • Inverting the Triangle: Reimagining This So-Called Profession
    Barbara Rosenblit
  • Teaching Los Angeles / Teaching Tel-Aviv: The Lessons That Last
    Bat-hen Zeron
  • State of the Field: Teacher Training for Day Schools
    Dr. Rona Novick, Dr. Shira D. Epstein, Dr. Susan Wall, Dr. Sharon Feiman-Nemser, Amy Ament, Dr. Miriam Heller Stern
  • Painting a Teacher Portrait
    Nancy Pryzant Picus
  • School Quality Depends on Teacher Quality
    Eran Tamir
  • A Model to Support Faculty and Build Morale
    Jill Kessler