Bold Ideas

Summer 2013

Bold Ideas

About This Issue
HaYidion Bold Ideas Summer 2013

Dream big! Sample a mix of current programs and blueprints for new initiatives, all dreamed up to be “game-changers” that can reconfigure day school education and possibly exponentially increase the impact of day schools on students and the Jewish community.

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Articles From This Issue

  • Day Schools, Disrupt! Why Day Schools Should Provide Supplemental Jewish Education
    Daniel Libenson and Ana Fuchs
  • A Community Day School for the Whole Community
    Nicole Nash
  • Bursting the Jewish Bubble
    Rebecca Voorwinde
  • Robotics: Empowering Jewish Creators
    Judy Miller
  • Digital Badge Learning: “Geeking Out” Across the Curriculum
    Sarah Blattner
  • Open-Source Jewish Learning
    Brett Lockspeiser and Joshua Foer
  • From the Editor
    Barbara Davis
  • Life Insurance: Potent Tool for Day School Finance
    Daniel Perla
  • From the desk of Arnee Winshall, RAVSAK Chair
    Arnee Winshall
  • Everything Old is New Again: Using Genealogy in Jewish Day Schools
    Jeffrey Schrager
  • Good & Welfare
  • Lights, Camera, Action: Bringing Jewish Studies to Life on the Screen
    Yossi Kastan
  • Innovation Mindsets for Successful Schools
    Maya Bernstein
  • Going Out with a <del>Bang</del> Beat!
    Lianna Reisman
  • Child-Centered Jewish Exploration
    Rebecca Milder
  • Hebrew Poetry Contest 2013
  • Hands-on, Inclusive Education: Building a New Future for Jewish Day Schools
    Andrea Rose Cheatham Kasper
  • Dear Cooki
    Cooki Levy
  • Beyond Denominations: Expanding Pluralism in Day Schools
    Eliana Lipsky
  • Cosmopolitan Jewish Education for the Jews Next Dor
    Benjamin M. Jacobs
  • Day School as Hub of Adult Jewish Education
    Sara Heitler Bamberger
  • An Orthodox Track: Meeting the Needs of the Whole Community
    Avi Weinstein