Redesign your Recruitment Strategy: A Deep Dive

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Amy Adler, Beth Rivkind
Admission Professionals
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For admission professionals

Welcome to an in-depth exploration of how to reshape your admission strategy for your school. In an ever-evolving educational landscape, adapting your approach is not just essential – it's a way to thrive. This comprehensive deep dive goes through every facet of the recruitment journey, helping harness the power of tradition and innovation to create a truly remarkable admission experience for families.

This deep dive will be delivered in three sessions.

Session 1 | Wednesday, October 25th

Unveiling the Significance
Discover why your admission strategy matters more than ever in the context of Jewish day schools. Explore how your institution can cater to changing community needs and bridge generational gaps.

Reading the Landscape
Understand the evolving demographics of the Jewish community and learn how to leverage technology and digital communication to create meaningful connections. Dive into the lessons learned from previous admission strategies and glean insights from prospective families and staff.

Navigating Goals and Objectives
Define clear goals that resonate with your school's mission. Whether it's boosting enrollment numbers, fostering diversity, or enhancing family satisfaction, we'll help you set measurable targets that align with your values.


Session 2 | Wednesday, November 1st

Insights Driven by Data
Unlock the power of data in shaping your admission strategy. Learn how to analyze enrollment trends, implement a specialized CRM system that reflects Jewish values, and leverage analytics to make informed decisions.

Crafting Your Unique Identity
Uncover the magic of your school's Jewish educational value proposition. Discover how to create consistent branding that reflects your Jewish values, and amplify your story through authentic student and parent testimonials.

Tradition and Innovation in Harmony
Explore innovative ways to infuse Jewish values into virtual experiences and interactive content. Discover how hybrid admission events can bridge the gap between tradition and technology.


Session 3 | Wednesday, November 8th

Communication that Connects and Storytelling
Master the art of reaching different audiences with tailored messaging. Learn how to harness the power of diverse communication channels and maintain personalized connections with prospective families.

Empowering a Team - Internal and External
Equip your school and community partners with the knowledge and tools to promote Jewish education. Enable them to be powerful advocates for your school's values and mission.

The Cycle of Adaptation
Embrace a culture of constant improvement. Regularly assess your metrics, seek feedback from families, and remain flexible in your strategy to ensure it aligns with the evolving landscape.

Conclusion and Next Steps
Wrap up your deep dive by revisiting key takeaways and understanding that your journey is ongoing. Blend tradition with innovation as you reshape your admission strategy for lasting success.


This deep dive will be your compass for navigating the complex terrain of admission strategy in Jewish day schools. Embrace change, blend tradition with innovation, and unlock new opportunities that resonate with your school's values. Your journey starts here.


Senior Director, Catalyzing Resources

Amy is Prizmah's Senior Director of Catalyzing Resources. Learn more about her here.

Beth Rivkind Headshot
Director, Enrollment Growth

Beth is Prizmah's Director, Enrollment Growth. Learn more about her here.