What are collaboratives?

Collaboratives are online cohorts of educators in Jewish Day Schools who come together monthly to share ideas, strategies and questions around one idea or methodology.

How frequently do they meet?

Most collabiratives meet monthly.

How much does it cost?

The collaboratives are generously funded by the AVICHAI Foundation.

How much work is involved?

Depending on the collaborative and on each teachers’ desire, most would require a one hour meet up and an hour of prep time for the meeting.

Are schools working (lessons/curriculum) on something together OR are they learning (PBL/standards) something together? Both?

Each collaborative is different and the cohort decides what the work will entail. There is a facilitator for each collaborative that will lead/ guide the conversations and the setting of goals.

Jewish History

Why Should We Care About Jewish History? Applying the Lessons of Jewish History to our Students, our Classrooms, and our Schools.

The CESJDS Center for Excellence and Engagement in Jewish History will lead a six-part Collaborative to help faculty and administrators bring Jewish history into their classrooms and schools, both formally and informally. Using a multidisciplinary approach, faculty will learn to utilize topics and themes in Jewish history to help their students form individualized Jewish identities rooted in historical consciousness.

MAP Testing

Come and join colleagues for a monthly conversation focusing on implementing MAP testing in your school. Questions we will consider are:

  • Best ways to roll out the test?
  • Best ways to prepare students for the test?
  • How to communicate the shift to parents?
  • How to work with teachers on reading the data?
  • How to work with teachers to use the data to inform instruction

Differentiated Instruction using the holiday Torah readings as case studies

Join Rachel Levitt Klein Dratch as she leads conversations around teaching the holiday Torah readings using student centered activities and materials to enable stronger and more meaningful connections to the Text and each other.

Responsive Classroom

Join a conversation of teachers implementing Responsive Classroom. Share ideas and strategies for implementing the philosophy and the pieces of the Responsive Classroom plan. Daniel Weinberg will lead the conversations around morning meeting, setting procedures, advisory and other topics of interest in the group. Learn from Daniel and from colleagues in a monthly online meet up.

STEAM and Chageem

Join this collaborative to expand your repertoire of inter disciplinary learning opprtunities. Monthly online meet ups will focus on generating ideas for incorporating STEAM into the JS classroom. Meet with colleagues from across the country and create opportunities for collaboration with teachers and with classrooms in other parts of the country.