Every month, we are thrilled to receive requests to publicize wonderful events, opportunities, and resources. Please keep in mind that we are just spreading the word and do not endorse any program listed.

SAR Academy’s Institute for Excellence-Driven ARTS in Jewish Education
A professional development opportunity fo School Leaders, Educational Administrators, Directors of Arts Programming, Art & Music Educators. The SAR ARTS EDJE Institute we will offer diverse approaches to engage with the ARTS through distinct ARTS disciplines, ARTS classes and experiences for your personal inspiration, thought-provoking keynotes, guided time to concretize your work in the ARTS back home, and opportunities to informally network with colleagues across the nation. The conference will be held from Sunday, November 11-Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at SAR Academy Riverdale, New York. Registration information is at: www.saracademy.org/artsedje, or contact Sharon Marson; 718-548-1717x1212; marsos@saracademy.org.

Diller Teen Tikkun Olam Awards 
Nominations and applications for the 2019 Diller Teen Tikkun Olam Awards are open now! The Awards honor up to 15 Jewish-identified teens ages 13-19 with awards of $36,000 each for their outstanding leadership and efforts in repairing the world. Applicants must demonstrate leadership via a specific community service project that is already underway. Teens may either apply directly, or be nominated by a teacher, rabbi, counselor or other member of their community who can speak to their leadership skills and the value of their project. The deadline for nominations is December 18, 2018. Teens may also apply directly before January 8, 2019. To learn more, visit dillerteenawards.org.   

Pardes has recently launched a database that fulfills a vital role of connecting educators with useful resources to enhance the tefilah programming in their educational settings. Whether an educator needs a trigger video related to gratitude, a lesson plan on the Shema, or a curriculum on prayer and emotional awareness, this database exposes some very fine resources that would otherwise remain hidden. It is fully searchable by grade, prayer, disposition (a character trait or tendency to be evoked in students), and type of resource (lesson plan, curricula, video or music). Check out the database and if you have any questions or resources to share, be in touch with Reuven Margrett (reuvenm@pardes.org.il), PCJE Director of Digital Content.

The Unbound Haggadah
The Unbound Haggadah is a perfect educational tool consisting of twelve cards with the full text of the haggadah, as well as vibrant thought provoking illustrations relating to the ideas behind the text. Visit UnboundJerusalem.com to see the video. Eli Kaplan Wildmann, the designer, is available to give workshops with an enlarged, “life-size” version of the cards, during the weeks before Pessach. Perfect for your school or community! https://unboundjerusalem.com/workshops Mail to  - EliDoesTheater@gmail.com

Jewish Montessori Training
Join Lamplighters Yeshivah and the Center for Guided Montessori for a complete and integrated, MACTE certified Jewish Montessori training. The training uses a "blended" model that combines a 2.5 week in-person training, with 19 months of online learning, and an internship. The entire thing is completed with the support of a cohort (participants meet once a week on video chat!). This is a training you could mostly complete from the comfort of your home. One that doesn't just send you off with some Montessori binders, where you're left to figure out the integral Jewish element on your own. This is a training opportunity that builds a LIVING, BREATHING, and ALWAYS COLLABORATIVE cohort. At raining where you could have an expert hold your hand along the entire journey. To empower you as a teacher. How does that sound? Learn more at www.lamplightersyeshivah.org/training

938Projekt at the Leo Baeck Institute
Leo Baeck Institute – New York invites teachers and educators (middle to high-school) to a workshop on September 27, where we will explore pedagogical applications of the 1938Projekt. The 1938Projekt is an online calendar that chronicles the events of 1938 through the personal documents of German and Austrian Jews. At the workshop you will:

  • learn about the project;
  • explore new ways of working with primary sources that inspire interdisciplinary and project based pedagogical practice;
  • write your own educational materials

Click here for more information: https://www.lbi.org/1938projekt-workshop/ 

Global Day of Jewish Learning
The Global Day of Jewish Learning celebrates our shared Jewish inheritance, as part of Rabbi Steinsaltz’s mission to “Let My People Know”.  Hundreds of communities worldwide will explore “Extraordinary Passages: Texts and Travels” on November 11, 2018. With free, easy-to-use discussion guides and videos, local organizers can create learning events that unite their communities.  Visit theGlobalDay.org/about or email eliana@theglobalday.org.

Empower your students to become Sharsheret Ambassadors and save a life during October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, on February 13, 2019, Worldwide Sharsheret Pink Day or when it works for you! Students will learn to raise awareness about breast and ovarian cancer and to safeguard their health. Click here to access program ideas and our campus toolkit. Ready? Email Ellen Kleinhaus, who will work one-on-one with your student leaders to customize meaningful and successful programming.

Your Classes Can Skype with Lone Soldiers in Jerusalem
The Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael Levin (LSC) (www.LoneSoldierCenter.com) invites your classes (not individual students) to Skype with lone soldiers in Jerusalem. The goal is to foster a greater love of Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael in your students. We are NOT encouraging your students to join the IDF.  This project is complimentary. Please consider taking on a chessed project to benefit the LSC. Interested? Contact: Sheldon_Rothman@yahoo.com

Online Judaic Studies Consortium
Connect. Create. Collaborate. The Online Judaic Studies Consortium (OJSC) is a community of Jewish day schools working to develop and deliver high-quality Judaic studies courses to day school students throughout North America. Developed with a grant from The AVI CHAI Foundation, their online courses bring students together to cover topics such as Tanakh, Rabbinic Literature, Israel, Jewish History, Contemporary Jewish Issues, and Tefillah. To participate, contact Lisa Micley.

Aleph Beta
Led by Rabbi David Fohrman, a Torah scholar and renowned educator and author, Aleph Beta is a Torah website with a vast library of videos combining complex content with exciting graphics, resulting in an engaging, inspiring viewer experience. They are now offering FREE teachers’ accounts with access to videos, as well as premium teachers’ accounts with access to educational guides, webinar teacher trainings, and more. For more information, email educator@alephbeta.org.

Blended MA Education at The Melton Center for Jewish Education at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Hebrew University's Melton Center for Jewish Education offers a unique Graduate degree study track specializing in Jewish Education. Taught 1 year online and 6 weeks over the summer on-campus, the MA Education program allows Jewish educators, both formal and informal to further their career and expand their knowledge, without interrupting their work life. The curriculum focuses on Jewish and Israel Education, Social Entrepreneurship and Bi-culturalism, and educational philosophies. Choose to start either in October or March. Partial scholarships available. For more information visit: www.majewisheducation.com

Tzedek America
Tzedek America runs national and international immersive social justice excursions for Jewish day schools, religious schools and summer camps.  During these 3-7 day trips participants meet the people affected by various social justice issues and the non-profits and social enterprises trying to address these issues.  Participants come away from these programs with their eyes opened to the realities facing our country and inspired to make a change. Click here to learn more.

Genius Notebook
Parents see the difference. Teachers see the simplicity. Students feel more organized in the entire learning & writing process.  An innovative Israeli company, is making huge transformations in hundreds of day-schools, helping every student, enjoy a more neat, precise, and focused learning and writing experience.   It’s so simple, that it’s simply Genius. In cooperation with Prizmah, we offer subsidized pricing for institutional orders from Prizmah Network schools.  For more info, visit www.gnotebooks.com or contact at info@gnotebooks.com, +1-646-513-4024. David Boterson, founder of Genius Notebook, will be visiting the US during the month of July.  Please contact david@gnotebooks.com if you're interested in meeting with him while he's here.  

CodeMonkey is an award-winning, game-based platform designed for the teaching of real computer programming languages to children and adolescents ages 7-16. CodeMonkey is designed to engage elementary and middle school students in coding and provides teachers with a curriculum that they can utilize with little to no coding experience. CodeMonkey is an Israeli based startup which prides itself as being part of the ‘Startup Nation’. CodeMonkey is offering a 10% discount to all Prizmah Network schools, just email sales@cm-studios.com with “Prizmah” in the subject line. Get your free trial of CodeMonkey at www.playcodemonkey.com.

Catapult Learning
Catapult Learning has dedicated over four decades to providing outstanding education solutions that generate demonstrable academic achievement and better life outcomes for all students, regardless of their learning barriers or other challenges they may face. The company’s team of 5,600 educators works to achieve sustained academic gains and build teacher and leadership capacity through research-based programs that include intervention, special and alternative education, and professional development services. Catapult Learning partners with over 500 school districts. We have found ways in which to dramatically increase services, provide more hours of instruction design programs to meet the requirements of specific school schedules all the while sensitive to the unique needs of Jewish Day Schools.

Gift of Life Service Learning
Gift of Life Marrow Registry offers a unique service learning opportunity that brings together many of the values we teach our students – chesed, social responsibility, community engagement, and pikuach nefesh.   As an international bone marrow and blood stem cell registry committed to saving the lives of patients suffering from blood cancer, Gift of Life’s program allows students to do real mizvot for the real world.  The program is comprised of awareness, education and action, culminating in the opportunity for students to swab their cheek and join the registry.  For more information contact Lindsay Katz

Hadar's Day School Educators' Institute
Enhance Jewish learning in the day school classroom! Hadar's Day School Educators Institute, June 24-28, 2018, aims to empower educators to enhance Jewish learning in the day school classroom with trainings on the Pedagogy of Partnership and the Standards for Fluency and Practice. Learn more and register here for this intensive week of inspiring personal and professional learning that includes Jewish text learning, led by Hadar faculty, in a lively beit midrash setting.

Remini is the latest in technology, communication and documentation for Jewish Day Schools. Remini makes it possible to document and share information with families with ease in a truly secure way.  It is an Israeli app and website that enables schools (teachers, directors, administrators) to share photos, messages, events (via school calendar), videos, files, take attendance and much more, via any computer or mobile device.  Remini also offers a branded solution for Jewish day schools that need an app built around their individual needs.  Click here for more information or email us at Ben@remini.me

School Bus ManagerTM
Is school bus routing a concern of yours? Consider School Bus Manager
School Bus Manager™ has developed a solution to make school bus routing easy. If you’re currently doing school bus routing by hand or even using an automated system, try School Bus Manager™. Prizmah member schools will benefit from a very special offer. After the free trial month, Prizmah member schools will get a total of 3 MONTHS FREE on a monthly plan, or 4 MONTHS FREE if you pay for a year in advance!  Visit the website for more information.

TpT For Schools
New from Teachers Pay Teachers: TpT for Schools Want even more resources from Teachers Pay Teachers? With TpT for Schools, schools like B’nai Israel Community Day School (Gainesville, Florida) are streamlining purchasing, reducing teacher out-of-pocket spending, and filling curricular gaps by providing teachers with access to even more of the site’s 3 million PreK-12 educator-created resources – all at a fraction of the cost of traditional curriculum. (Plus, registration is entirely free and takes only minutes). Reach out team TpT (Schools@TeachersPayTeachers.com) or Debby-Kinman Ford, Day School Director at B’nai Israel (debby@bnaiisraelcds.org) to learn more.

WZO Morim Shlichim
Interested in bringing an Israeli teacher to your school community for the coming year? The World Zionist Organization (WZO) has expanded their morim shlichim program to now include Israeli teachers from a range of religious backgrounds to better suit the needs of North American Jewish Day Schools. Reach out to the WZO through this form. Feel free to contact Rotem Yehoshua, Director of Morim Shlichim, or Hilla Drechler, Representative of the WZO Education Department for more information.

Online Course:  Jewish Ideas and the American Founders
The Tikvah Fund announces a new online course: Jewish Ideas and the American Founders. Over eight lectures, Rabbi Meir Soloveichik explores episodes in American history that showcase how Jewish individuals or ideas played key roles in shaping the early American republic. Particularly useful for educators of general or Jewish history, in both day schools and synagogues, this course is part of a new online learning initiative of the Tikvah Fund, with additional courses to be released in the coming months. Learn more.  Some discounts available for educators--contact asnyder@tikvahfund.org

$70 Off Online Israel Course for 10th - 12th Graders
In honor of Israel's 70th, Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy is offering $70 off per student for enrollment in The Emergence of Modern Israel, an accredited semester-long history course. Email admissions@lookstein.org to learn more and sign up.

Pardes and Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Joint Program
The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies and Yeshivat Chovevei Torah are proud to announce that beginning in Fall 2018, the two institutions will join forces in training outstanding rabbis who are passionate about Jewish education. The Pardes+YCT Joint Program will include two unique courses of study: The Pardes Day School Educators Program+YCT and The Pardes Experiential Educators Program+YCT. For more information, contact Aviva Golbert at Pardes or Rabbi Yonah Berman at YCT.

Gift of Life Senior Swab Internship
Looking for a meaningful internship for your high schoolers? Gift of Life Marrow Registry High School Senior Swab program gets students involved in the work of Gift of Life, a public bone marrow and blood stem cell registry that facilitates marrow transplants to help cure patients with blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma. Interns join the registry with a quick cheek swab and help recruit donors by holding drives in their high school and community. To apply or learn more about bringing this program to your school, please visit www.seniorswab.org or contact Lindsay Katz.

NiNiSpeech provides online speech-language therapy individually designed for each student and carried out via computer and mobile phone. Weekly online video sessions with a qualified speech-language pathologist are augmented with daily exercise conducted through video calls with “trainers” and through self-practice using a mobile app.  The data from these daily practices are then shared with the therapist before the next weekly session so feedback can be provided and intervention can be customized to enhance student progress. The NiNiSpeech advantage for all students is the model of direct intervention combined with guided exercises and self-practice, resulting in boosted clinical outcomes while minimizing costs. In addition, the option to contract for only the services needed is ideal for private schools and public charter schools with small numbers of students needing speech-language services, while the online aspect of NiNiSpeech provides solutions for schools in rural areas with shortages of qualified speech-language personnel or long distances between schools.  For further information, please visit us at www.ninispeech.com

Inspiring Books with Free Teacher's Guides 
Watering Can Press creates character-building activity books that inspire, excite, and educate children on important topics like giving/charity; finding positive role models; accepting peers with special needs, STEM, and more. Schools find great value from the publisher’s free Teachers Guides that link the books to lesson plans that meet national and state content standards, in addition to the Free Jewish Education Guides.  Contact Watering Can Press at info@wateringcanpress.com for more information.

Looking to boost your career in high tech?
Join BIG IDEA Gap Year for a year of intensive hi-tech training, social impact, and an amazing Startup Nation experience! Develop your skills in Graphic Design or App Development whilst enjoying trips throughout Israel, learning Hebrew at a level to suit you, and enjoying a truly amazing Israel experience. Click here to learn more. BIG IDEA Gap Year also invites students from Prizmah member schools the chance to win a free flight to Israel! Click here for more information.

Naale Elite Academy
Do many of your students leave town for high school? Do they struggle to find an affordable option? Naale Elite Academy provides a free high school education in Israel where students learn Hebrew, discover the land, and find their full potential all in a fully supervised environment. Graduates receive an internationally recognized Israeli ‘Bagrut’ matriculation from one of seven schools. Learn more. 

The Center for Israel Education 
The Center for Israel Education (CIE) Educator Enrichment Workshop on Modern Israel is a five-day opportunity for educators and school leaders to deepen their understanding of Israel’s history, politics, economy and culture, while cultivating skills in classroom application and best practices. The workshop is highly subsidized by The Avi Chai Foundation. Click here or watch this video to learn more.
Israel Sea the Future Exhibit
EcoOcean is an Israeli non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the marine and coastal environments in Israel and the region. Through its groundbreaking activities, EcoOcean produced a traveling exhibition that sheds light on various aspects of Israel’s coastal environment such as: archaeology, wildlife, tourism, natural gas, desalination and marine agriculture. The interactive display includes, videos, 3D models, floor games and activity booklets. The exhibit is available to travel to communities as a standalone facility and can include educational activities, speakers and educators. More information and reservations.  

Research Studies Underway: Differentiated Instruction and Emotional Labor
Prof. Jeffrey Glanz of Michlala Jerusalem College and colleagues are conducting a study about the implementation of Differentiated Instruction (DI), specifically in the context of Jewish schools within North America and in Israel. Focusing on a comparison between teachers in Jewish schools in Israel and in North America, the researchers seek to better understand the degree to which DI is utilized, along with associated explanations of why this may be the case, specifically in the religious sector. Teachers, please click here for English and here for Hebrew. Principals, please click here for English and here for Hebrew.
Prof. Glanz and Rachiele Zaretsy are researching “emotional labor,” the way people manage their emotions in order to do their job effectively. The study aims to compare the concept of "emotional labor" among principals in different countries and in different contexts in order to find ways to support principals' emotional labor keyed to the specific cultural contextual needs. The anonymous survey should take 10-15 minutes to complete. Click here to begin. Questions?  Email Jeffrey Glanz

Outdoor Residential Environmental Education Experience: Nature’s Classroom Institute (NCI)
NCI is an outdoor residential environmental education experience connecting children and curriculum with diverse natural environments. Students choose from a variety of classes and educational opportunities. With programs in Wisconsin, Texas and California, NCI has been serving schools (private, public, Montessori and Jewish day schools) across the Midwest, South and West for the last 20 years. To learn more, visit www.discovernci.org.

Across the Sea: For Schools Bringing Shlichim
How can we best support the Shlichim we are bringing to our schools? Are we ready for them? Are they ready for us? Across The Sea is a private company in Israel that partners with your school to prepare your Shlichim to join your educational community.  Capitalizing on the springtime when your Shlichim are hired but still in Israel, Across The Sea works intensively to get to know your school and its unique needs in order to best prepare your Shlichim to enter your school. Then, throughout the spring and summer your Shlichim think, plan, design, and prepare for the upcoming year. Once your Shlichim are on their way, Across The Sea continues to provide behind the scenes support through the first weeks of school.  Learn more at www.AcrossTheSeaTraining.com or contact Cindy Mann.