Engaging Students and Faculty in Tefillah Working Group

*Dilemmas of Practice: Tefillah is a struggle for many schools, and the challenges are remarkably similar school-to-school. Using the consultancy protocol, a leader would prepare a dilemma for each meeting, and the other participants would learn through helping that leader. Each meeting would focus on a new dilemma, presented by a different leader. To learn more about the consultancy protocol, copy and paste the following web address in your browser. https://www.nsrfharmony.org/system/files/protocols/consultancy_0.pdf

*Learner Outcomes: This would be a 4-part series to help leaders identify and articulate learner outcomes for tefillah. In each session, the work will address one of the following: What will students 1) know, 2) understand, 3) feel, and 4) be able to do. We have the capability to create breakout groups for K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 during each of these four sessions. The result would be a "bank" of learner outcomes your school could use to develop your own school's goals.

Announcing the Winners