#DynamicDaySchools Campaign


Send, Share, Tag and Hashtag!

Jewish day schools and yeshivas continue to be incredibly dynamic, providing excellent learning and community-building opportunities, as well as meaningful commemorations and celebrations, throughout this otherwise challenging time in the world. Because of the values our schools share, we are uniquely positioned to adapt to new challenges and innovate unique ways to educate and nurture our students. Enjoy these videos showcasing Jewish day schools across North America, made entirely from videos, pictures, and music sent to us by schools:

We want to help you communicate and celebrate the way your school has adapted or used this new reality as an opportunity to connect and learn. Please share videos and pictures of what your school is doing, as well as interviews or testimonials from parents, faculty, and even kids about how they are experiencing your school in the following areas: educational innovation and academic engagement, community building, tikkun olam, teacher appreciation, social and emotional health, resourcefulness, and Jewish values and teaching.

These videos can be interviews or testimonials from parents, faculty, and even kids about what they are learning and doing, but they can also be videos and pictures that demonstrate a great holiday “gathering,” a teacher appreciation campaign, or STEM project a class is working on—we want to see it all!

We hope to combine your schools videos and pictures with others, and to have several compiled videos to share in the coming weeks. In order to achieve this, we need your help! Here are a few important notes for you as you prepare these to send to us! Please…

  • Find tips for best results in recording yourself here
  • Only send us videos and pictures that we have permission to use and share widely
  • Send your videos (preferably the raw footage as opposed to uploaded versions) to [email protected].
  • Feel free to share videos and pictures starting TODAY on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) using the hashtag #dynamicdayschools and if you tag @PrizmahCJDS, we’ll like it and reshare it! Challenge your parents, students, and faculty to share their own using the same hashtags!

(We will only be able to use it in the longer videos if you send it to us directly with permission to use). We can’t wait to share what you’ve helped us create!

#dynamicdayschools @prizmahcjds