Cultures of Belonging Microgrants

Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools envisions a field in which Jewish schools become cultures where each stakeholder within a school community has a sense of belonging, knowing that this is a place where they are included, respected as a human being, and honored with dignity. Cultures of belonging connotes a belief that each person’s divinely imbued spark deserves to be included, valued, and celebrated.


Prizmah is proud to offer microgrants up to $5,000 for schools interested in building or deepening the cultures of belonging in their school. This looks different in each school, based on the unique context of every community. Applications which focus on race, ethnicity, and diversity with long-term impact will be prioritized.


Applications accepted on a rolling basis through June 15, 2023

There is a limited amount of funding available and we expect funds to run out before this date.


Grant funds may be used for all investments that will build or deepen the school’s culture of belonging. Funds may be used for educational materials, stipends, professional development, board training, program expenses, strategic planning, parent workshops, book clubs, updating written materials, educational trips, and other initiatives. For example, schools have used these funds for the following initiatives:

  • Design and execute a multi-year faculty professional development plan on race and school culture.
  • Purchase books for classroom libraries to diversify the range of characters represented on the page.
  • Guide the admission and marketing team to broaden the range of potential students for the school.
  • Carry out a recommendation made within a diversity, equity, and inclusion audit.
  • Examine and adjust high school curricula to be sure that all students are represented.
  • Invest in board training about navigating politically complex topics.
  • Expand Jewish life and living curriculum to include a range of non-Ashkenazi traditions.


If our school has already received funding from Prizmah to work on race and school culture, can we still apply for this microgrant?

Yes, definitely.

If our school has not received any funding from Prizmah in the past, can we still apply for this microgrant?

Yes, definitely.

Do we need to be a Prizmah Network School to apply?

While this is not a requirement to apply, Prizmah Network schools will be given priority access to funding. To check if your school is a Prizmah Network school, click here.

Will you be offering these microgrants again next year?

In the spirit of piloting new ideas in order to support school leaders, we are trying this initiative in 2023. The results of this year’s grant recipients will help to determine whether we offer these microgrants again next year.

I would like to talk this through with you. Who should I contact?

Please feel free to reach out to Prizmah’s Director of Network Weaving, who oversees our work in building cultures of belonging in Jewish day schools and yeshivas, Debra Shaffer Seeman, [email protected]. Debra can answer any questions and is happy to think through your application ideas together with you.