Melanie is the Director of Teaching and Learning at Berman Hebrew Academy.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

This is one of my busiest times of the year. I am honored to visit and spend time with teachers and school leaders from all over the country. I have spent time in the last 3 weeks in my car, on a train, in an airplane or at an airport. I have come away with tricks and strategies to make travel less exciting and professional development more exciting. Here are my top 5 takeaways from each: Top 5 Travel Tips

  1. If you are traveling with Post It Notes, take them out of the packaging block before your bag goes through the x-ray.
  2. Porter airlines gives free beer on their flight and checks your bag all the way through to your destination
  3. Pay the Red Cap $5 at Penn Station and get on the train before anyone else
  4. Canadian airlines do not allow you to wear your headset during take off and landing- be ready for that!
  5. Always make friends with the gate agent- he/ she could be your last hope for getting on the earlier flight

Top 5 PD Tips

  1. If you are an administrator, sit with your teachers and leave the phone/ laptop in the office- unless that's how you take notes
  2. Bring swag when you can- chocolate, Post Its, pens-
  3. Engage your audience- movement is key, reflection time helps the material marinate
  4. Have fun- this is meant to be meaningful and the more people laugh, the more they will remember
  5. Listen- actively pay attention to the vibe in the room- you will know when you need to shift gears

if you have any tips both for travel and PD, please pass them along to [email protected]. Have a great fall!