Burning Questions Panel

  1. How can we get our Board to fundraise?
  2. How do we get grandparents involved in a non-threatening way?
  3. How can we recruit folks to the Board, especially those who aren’t parents or currently affiliated with the school?
  4. How do I make our Head of School more comfortable with and responsible for major gift solicitations?


  1. How do we maximize the use of our Annual Gala to raise more money?
    1. How can we get our team to make calls and follow-up?
    2. How to get parents more involved in volunteering and donating when they are struggling with making ends meet on tuition?
    3. How do we turn folks away from the Board, who want to join but are really not a good fit?  
    4. How do we recruit “studs” not “duds” for our Board?
    1. What do we do without a Development Director?
      1. How do we get our Board to actively participate in fundraising?
      2. How do we generate excitement for the Annual Campaign process?  It has not yet become a habit.
      3. How do we convince the Board that filling it with parents is not the only way to fill the Board?
      4. What are some strategies schools have implemented to hire that Development professional when on a very tight budget?
      1. How do I maximize the use of our Annual Gala to raise more money?
      2. How do I make the Case for Giving to our school to individual community leaders and major donors who do not have children or grandchildren in our school?
      3. Given that there is a national movement to develop Hebrew charter schools that offer free tuition, how can we develop strategies to increase fundraising for scholarships to convince our families to stay - given the increased need and demand?
      4. How can participating schools leverage the GFA connection to access other foundation money?