Frequently asked questions

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We have a lot of new people on our board. I am not sure we are ready for a tool like this. How do we know if this program is right for us? 

Whether your school is using this assessment to validate that your board is in line with recommended practices or to tackle a specific issue, you will find that the perspective of your board members provides valuable insight on where to focus your energy for the good of your Jewish day school.

The comprehensive assessment covers core areas of board practices and policies central to a board’s responsibility. These areas include: support of the organization’s mission, effectiveness in building and monitoring strategy, oversight of programs and finances, management, oversight and support of the Head of School, and board meeting effectiveness.

BoardSource, the premier agency and leader in the field in the area of nonprofit governance, recommends that a board assess its overall performance every two years and build board development plans based on what they learn.

Our board currently incorporates ongoing reflection and assessment into our work. How will the BSA and follow-up training help us?
While many boards are already doing self-evaluations, the BSA is a comprehensive examination of every aspect of board governance. The tool is a healthy part of the process in which your board is already engaged and your board will receive benchmarking data comparing your performance to others in the nonprofit sector. The follow-up training will be customized so that even the most sophisticated boards will gain expertise to grow in their practice and help target their next areas of development.

How long does it take to get the data from the BSA assessment?

Typically, data can be available within three weeks of completing the assessment.

Who is doing the follow-up training?

Prizmah has a knowledgeable team of consultants who are experts in Jewish day schools and who have received certificates in nonprofit board consulting from BoardSource. Your school will be matched with a consultant with expertise in the areas in which you need support based on your BSA results.

Who should take the lead on bringing this resource to my school?

Anyone who cares about your school’s governance is in a position to recommend that your school’s Board Chair and/or Head of School take advantage of this opportunity.

Who from my school is responsible for completing the BSA?

The entire board and the Head of School will be asked to complete this survey.

How long does it take to complete the BSA?

It takes an individual approximately 40 minutes to one hour to complete. You can save your work and do not need to complete it in one sitting. The survey will typically be available for a period of two weeks to allow ample time for all board members and the Head of School to complete the survey.

This sounds like an incredible opportunity for our board. We think we may need more than a ten-hour package. Can you work with us to develop additional services for our school?

Yes. Prizmah offers a wide variety of resources and support for Jewish day schools in the area of governance, fundraising and board development. Should you wish to develop a customized service for your school beyond the packages offered here, Prizmah will work with together with you. Please email Rabbi Maccabee Avishur for more information.

Do I need to be a Prizmah member school to participate?

No. This program is open to all schools. Prizmah full and premium members are entitled to an additional Prizmah member discount, subject to the terms of membership.

Does the price include the cost of the consultant's travel and lodging to my school?

The cost of travel and lodging for the consultant’s on-site work is not included. Schools will be billed separately for this expense.

More questions? Interested in learning more?
Contact: Ilisa Cappell