What it is

Atidenu is an 18-month long program designed to provide Jewish day schools with the knowledge and skills that will bolster their recruitment and retention efforts. By participating in this program, schools benefit from experiencing:

  • coaching support to help create and implement a concrete, long-term plan towards enhancing recruitment and retention 
  • two in-person convenings for teams of school professionals and lay leaders where they can learn from leading independent and Jewish day school recruitment and retention experts and peers from other schools
  • a comprehensive assessment tool to evaluate your current school recruitment and retention practices and measure your progress throughout the course of the program

Over the course of the 18-month program, with support and guidance from an expert coach, your school will follow a thoughtful and strategic curriculum focused on key areas that will enhance, professionalize, and strengthen your enrollment practices. This includes:

  • Increasing the pipeline of prospective families to your school
  • Improving retention of existing students through formalized planning
  • Learning skills of how to message to particular target audiences
  • Training parent, student, faculty, board ambassadors to be your best word of mouth marketers
  • Learning how to track data to make informed and strategic long-term decisions


Atidenu is for school teams who are ready and committed to strengthening their recruitment and retention efforts through a school-wide approach. We recognize that administrative school structures vary, so we are looking for schools that can bring a leadership team comprised of the following roles:

  • Director of Admission/Lead Admission Professional
  • Head of School
  • Director of Marketing/Lead Marketing Professional
  • Board President/Chair  
  • an active parent ambassador lay leader.

why we offer it

Money doesn’t grow on trees, just like students don’t appear out of nowhere. In the education climate, schools are facing fierce competition, tuition affordability, and shifting values.  Schools must think strategically about their approach to recruiting new and retaining current students. Atidenu supports schools in building a framework and execution plan to reach their enrollment goals.


Full price per school: $35,000
AVI CHAI subsidy:      -$17,500
Net price per school   $17,500*

*The cost of the program is payable over two years. 

how to get started

Inquire here

In order to assist you with the application process, click here for a PDF version of the application. Please note this is for reference purposes only. The application link is above and will need to be completed online.


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