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This issue presents a wealth of guidance and examples for day schools to stay on top of their game. Articles discuss how schools ensure that athletics stay informed by a school's mission, by embodying Jewish values and embracing inclusivity; how they can use sports as a vehicle for teaching about and fostering love for Israel; how a wide range of sports can bring out the best in students and faculty; and how schools can more broadly employ movement and teach healthy living.

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Aly Raisman

Dec 04, 2015

Aly Raisman is a three-time Olympic medal gymnast and captained the U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team to its first team gold medal since the 1996 Olympic Games. Raisman added the United States' first ever gold medal in the floor exercise and also won bronze on the balance beam. She is looking to become the most decorated American gold medal gymnast at the 2016 Rio Olympics next summer.

Tamir Goodman

Dec 04, 2015

Dubbed the “Jewish Jordan” by Sports Illustrated in 1999, Tamir Goodman was a top-ranked basketball player from Baltimore who signed with Maccabi Tel Aviv and served in the IDF. Today he is an author, inventor of the Zone190 training aid and Sport Strings Tzitzit. He is a coach, educator, motivational speaker and author of The Jewish Jordan's Triple Threat. Tamir also serves as Director of International Development for the Hapoel Jerusalem professional basketball team.

Tamar Katz

Dec 04, 2015

Figure Skater

Yuri Foreman

Dec 04, 2015

Former WBA Boxing Champion

Danny Schayes

Dec 04, 2015

Former NBA Basketball Player

Estee Ackerman

Dec 04, 2015

Ping-pong player, currently ranked 6 in the US for Cadet Girls under the age of 15, and 68 for all women in America. She is trying out for the 2016 Olympics Table Tennis Team.

Art Shamsky

Dec 04, 2015

Former Baseball Player, New York Mets

From the Editor: Jewish Schools and Sports: Win-Win

by Barbara Davis, Executive Editor Dec 03, 2015 RAVSAK

Mens sana in corpore sano—“A sound mind in a sound body”—is not a Jewish concept. There are even those who waggishly claim that the term “Jewish athlete” is an oxymoron. Historically, Jews were sensitive to the deep connections between Christianity and physical prowess and eschewed the latter to evade the former.

From the Board: The Day School Home Field Advantage

by N. Shira Brown Dec 03, 2015 RAVSAK
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Jewish day schools partner with parents in many ways. When our family recently welcomed our third child, I got to see exactly how unique, special and multifaceted the partnership is between family and Jewish day school. As our family changed, our children’s day school, Kadimah Academy, responded in meaningful ways, by being flexible, offering afterschool care to my children and providing them with the extra attention in class that this change in circumstances required.

Dear Cooki: How Am I Doing?

by Cooki Levy Dec 03, 2015 RAVSAK

Given the complexity of our jobs, and the large number of people (board members, parents, staff and students) who hold us accountable, how can a head of school, especially one who is relatively new, know if s/he is doing a good job?


Sometimes the simplest-sounding question is, in actuality, the most difficult to answer. Let me try, knowing that success looks and feels different to different people in different places at different times.