Dear Friends,

We encourage you or a colleague to submit a proposal for the fall issue of HaYidion, Prizmah's magazine for lay and professional leaders. The theme of the issue is Differentiation. Article topics may include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • major challenges, such as teacher training, implementation, and comfort
  • different methods/models of professional development in differentiation
  • grading standards
  • how colleges regard differentiated schools and academic achievements
  • tracking: philosophy, implementation, pros/cons
  • best approaches in differentiation among different subjects
  • administrative approaches
  • differentiation for tefillah
  • Jewish studies: differentiation for various goals—observance, spirituality, academics
  • enrichment for advanced learners—differentiation across a wide spectrum
  • working with schools, and teachers, at different levels in this journey
  • training for board levels at different levels of experience and knowledge
  • the differentiated classroom
  • multisensory experiences in the classroom and on the playground
  • partnerships with outside organizations, such as  ABA, Applied Behavioral Analysis
  • board: policy implications, mission/visions, conversations, funding; understanding the roles and relationships of boards and administrators in this project
  • student support services/resource specialists, and librarians: partnership with classroom teachers

We look for articles that present ideas in fresh ways, offer the new, lesser known and unexpected, engage with the current literature and trends, reflect honestly upon challenges in the field, and have an eye trained on innovative, successful initiatives. Important: articles must have a clear and compelling argument that gives shape to the whole.

Please send short proposals, 1-3 sentences only, to me by June 16th. I will review proposals shortly after that and respond to all proposals at that time. Article deadline is August 11th. No article will be considered without an accepted proposal. Articles are ca. 1000-2000 words in length.

For our school spread, we're looking to feature articles of ca. 500 words by school learning specialists that convey a success story about differentiation in your school. Please contact me by June 16th if your school is interested in participating.


Elliott Rabin
HaYidion Editor